Meghan Markle NOT Struggling With “Royal Strain,” Despite Report

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Meghan Markle Royal Strain

By Shari Weiss |

Meghan Markle Royal Strain

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Meghan Markle is not struggling with the “strain” of royal life, contrary to a new report. A tabloid is dramatically alleging “it’s all falling apart for the bride-to-be,” but it’s just not true. Gossip Cop can debunk the story.

“Stepping out for her first public appearance of 2018, Meghan Markle may have looked the picture of composure. However, behind closed doors, the star is starting to feel the strain,” contends New Idea, which claims, “The pressures of becoming part of the royal family and a shock public backlash threaten to ruin her wedding to Prince Harry.” The gossip magazine even alleges Markle is telling friends, “I’m not sure this is what I signed up for.”

Among the issues, asserts the outlet, is that Markle “has become the subject of a cruel online petition” deeming her unworthy of a royal title. “The public backlash is all proving too much for Meghan,” claims the publication, which asserts Markle is leaning on her mom as the “stress of marrying into the monarchy begins to tell.” A so-called “pal” is quoted as saying, “Meghan just needed the loving arms of her mum because it’s all been getting a bit too much recently.”

This supposed source goes on, “Meghan is slowly finding out, as Diana did, that you marry not just the man, but also the institution with all its petty rules and regulations. She just feels if she can’t control her own wedding what can she be sure of? She doesn’t regret saying yes to Harry, but she certainly knows now that it’s not all going to be plain sailing.”

The tabloid is wrongly making it seem like Markle had no idea that she’d be living under certain restrictions or that she’d have to face public judgment. But Prince Harry made it apparent to the actress what kind of life they would lead should she choose to marry him. And the notion that Markle is bothered, much less even aware, of a petition about her is just ridiculous.

Furthermore, the magazine and the purported “pal” actually prove to be clueless when it’s asserted, “Like any bride-to-be, she is under enormous pressure to make sure everything is OK on the big day.” In reality, Markle is not just “like any bride-to-be,” and she’s not the one “under enormous pressure to make sure everything is OK” when the wedding takes place. Such a responsibility will fall to the many palace staffers who will be overseeing the festivities.

Of course, this is the same outlet that falsely told readers last September that Prince Harry and Markle were “already married.” Clearly it is not a publication to be trusted. Markle did look well at her first public appearance of 2018, and that’s because she is well. In fact, one news report even noted, “Markle appeared delighted to be there and by the welcome.” Nothing is “falling apart.” Here’s a new idea: Perhaps New Idea should start telling the truth.

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