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Meghan Markle was not "ordered" to do "royal boot camp," contrary to a largely inaccurate tabloid cover story. The report comes from the same gossip magazine that has falsely claimed twice that the actress was pregnant. Gossip Cop can now bust this latest misguided report.

The new cover of Star announces, "Before She Marries Harry... Queen Orders Meghan To... Royal Boot Camp!" According to the story, Markle has been "slapped with a bizarre list of dos and donts ahead of her wedding to Prince Harry." It's specifically alleged Queen Elizabeth had "Kensington Palace minions hand-deliver" a "very unexpected engagement gift: a mile-long list of royal rules." The outlet alleges that "if the fame-hungry 'Suits' star doesn't comply, she can kiss her May 19 wedding to Harry goodbye."

"Though Meghan understands she must have a different public persona now, she was shocked at some of the restrictions. They just seem too antiquated and ridiculous," a so-called "palace insider" is quoted as saying. This supposed source continues, "She's told friends she finds the rules hilarious, but right now no one in the royal family is laughing."

The publication maintains it has an "exclusive" look at the "shocking decrees." Some of the alleged rules are obvious, such as, "Do wave and smile at crowds... Always look happy." Others, however, are clearly untrue. For example, one of the alleged "donts" is about not wearing "above-the-knee skirts." This contention is also featured on the cover, but it's false. Kate Middleton has worn dresses above the knee on numerous occasions, with plenty of photo evidence readily available online. It's certainly suspect the tabloid would claim something that is so easily disproven.

There's more issues as the article goes on. The magazine contends Queen Elizabeth was "appalled by Meghan's see-through engagement photo outfit." But if that was really the case, she would not have allowed the engagement pictures to be publicly distributed. Still, a purported "friend" of Markle's claims, "The queen told her, 'You need royal class.'" This alleged pal further asserts Middleton has even had to step in, telling Markle that "things will go so much more smoothly if she just stops rebelling."

But Markle hasn't been "rebelling." Although this friend questionably claims the star "wants to be able to do, say and wear whatever she wants," the truth is Markle knew long before she accepted Prince Harry's proposal that she would not have free reign. There's been no clash with Queen Elizabeth over what's expected of her because she's known all along that there'd be certain restrictions and requirements.

Furthermore, while Markle is undergoing royal etiquette lessons, just like Middleton did before her wedding, Gossip Cop has learned there's never been a point in which Queen Elizabeth had a "mile-long list of royal rules" delivered or "ordered" her to a "royal boot camp." And considering, as noted above, that Star is the same outlet that wrongly alleged Markle was pregnant in October 2017 and December 2016, this latest cover story must be taken with a grain of salt.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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