Meghan Markle “Plan To Be Queen” Story Is NOT True

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Meghan Markle Queen

By Shari Weiss |

Meghan Markle Queen

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A story about Meghan Markle‘s supposed “plan to be queen” is not true, despite a tabloid claiming she’s “revealed her secret ambition.” Gossip Cop can confirm these allegations were all made up.

The article, which comes from New Idea, begins, “She’s set to marry the world’s most eligible royal bachelor, but it seems Meghan Markle has even bigger dreams in her sights. The Hollywood star has finally told close friends and family of her dream to become queen one day, revealing her hope to take charge of the royal family after she and Prince Harry walk down the aisle.” The Australian gossip magazine further contends Markle “thinks it’s ‘destiny’ she met and fell in love with Harry, and she can see them taking charge of the throne one day.”

“Meghan’s always been ambitious, even more so since she started dating Harry. She loves being in the public eye and having the power to help people and really make a difference to many lives which is why she’s relishing the opportunity to have an official role in the royal family,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying, adding, “She thinks it’s destiny that her and Harry even met — they’re from opposite sides of the globe — and she thinks it’s all part of her path to be the most important woman in the world.”

Last time Gossip Cop checked, Europe and North America are not on “opposite sides of the globe.” And while Markle is already known as a humanitarian, making it plausible that she’d enjoy getting to help people as a member of the royal family, it is completely unrealistic and irrational for the outlet’s alleged snitch to maintain “she really thinks she can and should be queen one day.” The British line of succession currently has Prince Harry fifth in line to the throne. Even if there were some unspeakable tragedy that allowed him to ascend, Markle wouldn’t automatically be queen simply by virtue of her marriage.

While New Idea may not be smart enough to realize that, Markle certainly is. The notion that she’s going around telling people about her “plan to be queen,” particularly when an engagement hasn’t even been announced, is absurd. It comes as no surprise then that Gossip Cop is told the same publication that made up a “wedding and baby announcement for Markle has also now made up this supposed “secret ambition.”

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