Meghan Markle, Queen Elizabeth Summer Vacation NOT “Awkward,” Despite Report

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Meghan Markle Queen Elizabeth Vacation

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Meghan Markle Queen Elizabeth Vacation

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Is Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth’s summer vacation set to be an “awkward” one? A report claims the Duchess of Sussex is in “panic mode over the traditional royal family summer getaway.” Gossip Cop looked into the story, and we can now reveal what we know.

In Touch begins its questionable article by detailing how the queen annually visits her Balmoral estate in Scotland for a summer vacation. Each year, various members of the royal family join her for part of the time. But according to the tabloid, Markle is dreading her visit with Prince Harry. “It’s something they can’t get out of. It’s only for a short period of time, but being stuck in the middle of nowhere with the queen can make that time feel much longer,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying.

The magazine goes on to assert there is already “considerable stress” going into the meetup because of “Meghan’s estranged, outspoken father,” who keeps slamming the monarchy in interviews. “The queen is furious and Meghan knows it. This trip could turn out to be very awkward,” contends the untraceable “source,” who further alleges about Markle, “The thought of having to watch her every move is filling her with anxiety.”

The outlet claims “the worst part for Meghan” is the family’s Scottish hunting excursions. “Meghan’s very anti-hunting. She’s going to find it difficult to hold back from expressing her opinion. Harry loves that she speaks her mind but doesn’t want any drama,” the purported tipster maintains. But it was reported last December that Prince Harry was going to abstain from a Boxing Day hunt for Markle’s sake, so it stands to reason he won’t ditch her to go hunting now, either.

As for the other contentions, Markle has already proven she can be in the queen’s presence for an extended period of time without issue. When the pair were all smiles and giggles during their day out together in June, “Entertainment Tonight” went as far as deeming Markle and Queen Elizabeth “royal besties.” And there is no evidence the queen is holding any of her father’s behavior against Markle personally. Just last week, People reported on Markle’s “great relationship” with Queen Elizabeth. In addition, when discussing how Markle and Prince Harry’s summer vacation plans will include a few days with the monarch, it was specifically noted that “guests have spoken of the queen’s motherly touch at Balmoral and how she looks out for those visiting.”

That doesn’t sound very “awkward.” What’s most telling about the tabloid’s article, though, is what it doesn’t say. In Touch makes no mention of Markle being pregnant with twins, which is what it claimed in a cover story less than a month ago. If the duchess were expecting twins, as alleged, one would think that would be an important part of any report about her summer vacation, particularly one that asserts she’s in “panic mode.” But the magazine evidently made this tale up. Unfortunately, its sister outlet, Life & Style, is spreading these same unsubstantiated “awkward” vacation allegations online almost word for word. But that doesn’t make them true.


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