Meghan Markle is not accepted by Queen Elizabeth, according to a ridiculous tabloid cover story. The report claims the former "Suits" star is unhappy with her new life, in part because the queen supposedly disapproves of her. But Gossip Cop can bust the allegations.

According to Star, Markle is in a "palace prison," suffering from "feelings of frustration, exhaustion and sadness." It's alleged that just a few months after her wedding to Prince Harry, she has "found that life as a royal is a never-ending nightmare — one she finds nearly impossible to escape." A so-called "family insider" is quoted as saying, "Meghan is absolutely miserable, but this is what she signed up for."

The magazine contends that "ever since" Markle first entered "palace territory," she has faced "an onslaught of criticism from one royal in particular," Queen Elizabeth. The outlet claims the queen "disapproved" of the actress because she had been divorced and starred in "steamy bedroom scenes" on TV, and further asserts "it still seems that there's no pleasing her new grandmother-in-law."

"Harry warned her that her life would change, but she never expected it would be such torture," claims a purported "palace insider." This untraceable source goes on to allege, "She is caving under the pressure of the queen's demands. She's anxious all the time. She can't seem to do anything right." Curiously, it's not said what exactly those "demands" are, or what Markle is getting wrong, besides supposedly forgetting "protocol" when she was seemingly unsure who should enter the car first during a day out with Queen Elizabeth back in June.

The publication fails to mention that photos from the queen's royal event with Markle show the pair smiling and laughing together. And while not providing proof to back up any of its contentions, the tabloid regurgitates its false claim that "Her Majesty even forced the couple to ink a bulletproof prenup." Gossip Cop previously busted the magazine two months ago for a cover story that wrongly alleged Markle and Prince Harry had to sign a $500 million prenup right before their nuptials.

The outlet is hanging on to that lie, even though in reality, the royal family doesn't do prenuptial agreements. Star also peddled this misinformation when it similarly alleged Markle was "miserable" as a royal in a July cover story. Perhaps the publication is under the impression that if it repeats something enough, it will become true. In fact, one of the quotes from that prior issue, "With all the appearances she has to make, she hasn't had a moment to breathe," appears again word-for-word in this one.

Another nearly identical line from last month's article: "Meghan's caving under the pressure of the queen's relentless demands, and she's anxious all the time because she can't seem to do anything right." Even the sentence about how there's "no pleasing her new grandmother-in-law" is the same. Maybe the tabloid thought readers wouldn't notice, but Gossip Cop's thorough investigations catch these deceptions.

And just as the allegations were wrong then about Markle having issues with the queen, they still are today. People even reported earlier this month that Markle and Queen Elizabeth have a "great relationship," with the monarch among her "closest friends" in the royal family. Others have also written about Markle being "at ease" with the queen, pointing out their "increasingly close, warm relationship." It's also been reported how Markle is "winning over" Queen Elizabeth.

Yes, there was speculation during Markle's courtship with Prince Harry about how the queen felt about her grandson dating a divorced actress from the United States. But there is no evidence from recent months to substantiate this narrative about Queen Elizabeth not accepting or approving of her. Nor is there any proof that Markle is unhappy, as alleged. On the contrary, the magazine's track record suggests it is (still) making it all up.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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