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Did Queen Elizabeth really "blast" Meghan Markle for exhibiting "diva behavior"? That's what a certain tabloid wants readers to believe. But Gossip Cop can bust the sensationally untrue story.

According to the National Enquirer, while the "British monarchy is open to modernizing," Markle's "tacky Hollywood-princess style is not what the royal family had in mind." It's alleged "her diva behavior has quickly gotten under everyone's skin," to the point where the queen has "told Prince Harry to give his bossy bride a 'shape up or else' ultimatum because she's wrecked his credibility." A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "Her Majesty is furious and called Meghan into her chambers for a severe and stern dressing-down."

"She ordered Harry's wife to change her ways immediately," claims this untraceable source, who contends to the gossip magazine, "Her Majesty reminded the duchess she was not starring in a reality TV show but represents the world's most prestigious family." The royal clan is described as "reeling from embarrassment," and it's even asserted Markle has "earned the nickname inside the royal family as Meghan the Menace." How exactly has the former "Suits" star been a "menace"?

Sally Osman, who has worked for the queen as her director of royal communications, is said to be "one of the first casualties of Meghan's diva-like behavior," with the outlet contending she "got the boot within weeks of the former actress' arrival in London." This, however, is a complete lie. Markle moved to London last year, and it was only announced just last week that Osman and another palace aide have opted to quit and move on from the monarchy. Markle has nothing to do with their decision, and Osman wasn't fired. In fact, she isn't even departing until early 2019.

After that falsehood is another one, as the publication claims Markle is "refusing any royal-picked advisers." An unidentifiable "palace spy" alleges, "Meghan's choice of palace aide is someone from the celebrity world, whose biggest job was working for Madonna." This is untrue, too. Back in February, it was revealed that Markle's aide is Amy Pickerill, who was named the Assistant Private Secretary to Prince Harry after previously working on Kensington Palace's press team. People even reported she was "delegated to specifically assist Meghan."

The tabloid also accuses Markle of making a number of "royal gaffes," such as daring to wear an off-the-shoulders dress, briefly crossing her legs instead of doing the "duchess slant," and "despite a strict no-PDA rule, grabbing Harry's hands at official functions." But as Gossip Cop has explained many times, there is no royal protocol banning PDA. Still, the purported "spy" dramatically declares, "Harry has worked hard to shift his rep from party animal to serious royal, and Meghan's behavior is destroying his carefully crafted image."

The magazine also repeats its already debunked contention from more than a month ago that Markle is pregnant with twins, and cites the aforementioned "insider" as saying, "How is Harry going to rein her in? She's holding all the cards. If he dumped her, there'd be a custody battle royal." But amidst all this, the outlet tellingly never says just when Markle's alleged confrontation with the queen supposedly took place. What's more, the publication fails to mention that Markle and Queen Elizabeth have become so bonded, they spent a whole day together last month.

"Entertainment Tonight" subsequently reported that Markle and Queen Elizabeth share an "increasingly close, warm relationship." No reputable outlets have said anything about a clash, or about the star showing "diva behavior" that's making her a "menace" who is ruining Prince Harry's "image." This narrative is nothing more than one of the Enquirer's typically sensational, unsubstantiated and factually inaccurate tall tales.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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