Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Wedding “Wrecked” By “Bitter Family Feud”?

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Prince Harry Meghan Markle Wedding Feud

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Prince Harry Meghan Markle Wedding Feud

(Woman’s Day New Zealand)

Is Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding being “wrecked” by a “bitter family feud”? That’s the latest claim to surface in advance of the couple’s nuptials. But Gossip Cop can bust this untrue tabloid cover story.

The new issue of Woman’s Day New Zealand announces a “battle royale” and alleges the family is at “war” as a “bitter family feud wrecks the wedding.” (see above). The headline inside the edition is just as dramatic: “Royal Feud Explodes: Will Meghan & Harry’s Wedding Be Ruined?” The premise of the sensational article is that the new book Rebel Prince, about Prince Charles, has sparked a “bitter feud behind palace doors” that “threatens to overshadow the joyous event.”

The book, which is an unauthorized biography, has made headlines in recent weeks for offering what some have deemed to be crazy claims about Prince Charles and his family. The allegations include the prince’s supposed insecurity over his sons’ popularity, and his resentment over wife Camilla allegedly not being accepted by his own family. While many of the anecdotes have yet to be verified, the gossip magazine contends “senior members of the Windsors, including Harry and Prince William, are hardly on speaking terms” due to the book’s seedy allegations.

“The tension within the royal family is at an all-time high. This is nothing short of a battle royale,” a so-called “well-placed palace source” is quoted as saying. Queen Elizabeth is described as “disgusted,” while it’s alleged “William and Harry are barely speaking to Charles” or Duchess Camilla. Even Kate Middleton is said to be affected by all the supposed bad blood. Assert the outlet’s alleged tipster, “Kate can barely be in the same room as her father-in-law and can’t stand for [her] children to be around him.” And now with Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding less than two months away, “palace aides fear the fight could spill over on the big day,” claims the publication.

The purported “palace source” laments, “The timing of these allegations couldn’t be worse… The queen will make it clear that everyone must be on their best behavior, but there’s no doubt that behind the smiles, the tension will be simmering.” Of course, the British, and especially members of the monarchy, are known for having a “stiff upper lip.” They tend to not let any family squabbles spill over into their public life. So it’s quite convenient for the tabloid to suggest the clan might be faking their smiles and hiding “tension” at the nuptials, given that such a contention would be impossible to prove or disprove.

But this much is known: Less than two weeks ago, Queen Elizabeth gave her formal marriage approval for Prince Harry and Markle to wed. Then, just last week, Kensington Palace announced invitations for the wedding had been issued. In other words, it’s business as usual as preparations for the ceremony and receptions continue. Nothing has been “wrecked” or “ruined,” and there’s no legitimate indication that the special day is in jeopardy of being “overshadowed.” While the book about Prince Charles may seem scandalous, there is no evidence that it is actually having an effect on Prince Harry and Markle’s wedding, contrary to the publication’s claims.