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A new tabloid cover story announcing Meghan Markle "wants twins" with Prince Harry was made-up. The article is filled with fake details about her supposed "baby prep." Gossip Cop can bust it.

On top of planning for her upcoming wedding, Woman's Day of New Zealand is claiming Markle is "secretly working behind-the-scenes on another very special project." That's said to be a "strict fertility-boosting regimen." It's specifically alleged that because Markle is "determined to become pregnant as soon as she's married," the bride-to-be has "enlisted a team of experts to help her chances, including doctors, nutritionists and yoga gurus."

Though these plans are purportedly a "secret," the gossip magazine nonetheless claims to have a "source" leaking, "Meghan's been seeing a fertility specialist in London's Harley Street to check her egg count and ovulation levels, and to make sure she's as fertile as possible so she can conceive right after the nuptials." The supposed tipster goes on to claim Markle is receiving "hormone injections," with the outlet maintaining "one of the medications prescribed is said to increase the chances of conceiving twins," a "prospect" that Markle allegedly finds "thrilling."

"They'd love nothing more," asserts the publication's questionable insider. The tabloid further contends Markle is "having twice-weekly sessions with a yoga expert who specializes in boosting fertility." And, as evidence that she's "doing all she can to prepare her body her body for pregnancy, including regular fertility yoga," the magazine features a picture of the actress carrying a yoga mat. What the outlet fails to acknowledge is that the photo is nearly a year old and is from when Markle was doing yoga in Toronto in April of 2017.

Also, while the publication may seem knowledgeable by claiming where Markle is "seeing a fertility specialist," Harley Street is actually well-known for being a medical district. Yet the "Suits" star hasn't been spotted heading to any doctors there. If she were actually pursuing fertility treatments, a doctor would come to see her at Kensington Palace for privacy. That leads Gossip Cop to our next point: No real "source" would be talking to the gossip media about Markle's "egg count and ovulation levels."

Such a topic is incredibly intimate. It isn't appropriate for anyone connected to Markle and the royal family to publicly discuss her desire for "conceiving on their honeymoon," especially before she and Prince Harry have actually wed. But frankly, no one would have authorization to dish on their child-bearing plans at all at any point in time. To date, the most that's been officially said on the subject came in Prince Harry and Markle's engagement interview in November, when he stressed, "One step at a time and hopefully we will start a family in the near future."

Markle will turn 37 three months after her wedding. And while there are pregnancy risks after the age of 35, Kensington Palace wouldn't even respond to Gossip Cop's question about whether Markle has even mentioned wanting twins, citing its privacy policy. Basically, the tabloid's claims are just made-up.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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