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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's baby son, Archie, is not missing. A ridiculous tabloid story implying otherwise is very misleading and untruthful. Gossip Cop can explain.

The cover of New Idea has the very dramatic headline, "Archie Missing For Four Days!" with a photo of Markle holding her son. The headline of the two-page spread inside the magazine reads, "The Mystery Of Archie SOLVED" with the sub-header, "Concern is growing for the young royal." The story is accompanied by photos of both Markle and Prince Harry holding young Archie. The purpose of the headline is a blatant bait-and-switch tactic often used by this tabloid, meant to entice readers to buy the magazine with a dramatic story - an implied kidnapping perhaps? It's shameful.

The article makes no mention — zero — of Archie actually going missing, because the child is not and was never missing. The idea that this tabloid would have the scoop on something that newsworthy is laughable, so instead, the outlet grabs readers with a phony headline and publishes a story about how Markle and Prince Harry are "doing the right thing by keeping Archie behind the walls of their rented Vancouver Island mansion." The tabloid's article is simply about the royal couple keeping their son out of the spotlight. Using a headline that insinuates he went missing is completely absurd.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have kept a pretty low profile recently, except for a couple of short trips to the United States without Archie. For that reason, unscrupulous outlets like this one seem to be so desperate for stories that they have resorted to clearly deceitful practices to sell magazines. What was Archie "missing" from? The tabloid doesn't say. Where was he? The outlet doesn't say. Is he back? Well, the outlet doesn't say, but since the young royal was never missing, he had nowhere to be back from.

Perhaps the tabloid is just upset that, along with the rest of the gossip media, it's been unable to surreptitiously photograph Archie. He hasn't been out in public since a photo of Markle taking a walk with him was taken and published without her permission. A cover and a headline like this are downright disgraceful.

New Idea obviously gets a lot of mileage by inventing stories about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and tricking readers into buying the paper. Just last week, Gossip Cop busted the publication for a cover story claiming Markle and Prince Harry were divorcing. The headline read "Palace Confirms Divorce!" on the cover, but the story merely claimed that Queen Elizabeth was "warning" the couple not to split. Not only was there no confirmation by any palace, much less Buckingham Palace, but the couple is not considering divorce in the first place.

Last month, the very same publication asserted on its cover that Markle was meeting with Tom Cruise to plot her Hollywood comeback. That headline was accompanied by a photo that appeared to show Markle and Cruise walking and chatting together. The story was nonsense and the picture was worse. It was two separate photos of Markle and Cruise, both from years ago. The tabloid simply photoshopped two old and separate photos to make it appear as if they were walking together, when they weren't. Trusting this magazine to publish the truth is a mistake.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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