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Does Meghan Markle have a secret daughter from her previous marriage that Prince Harry just found out about? A tabloid is reporting that she does. Gossip Cop has investigated the story.

The cover of Woman's Day has a bold headline this week: "Meghan's Secret Daughter Revealed!" The story is accompanied by a photo of Markle embracing a young girl. Inside, the publication asserts that Prince Harry was "betrayed" and "shocked" by the news. The tabloid's report is a blatant and shameful example of a classic bait and switch - and even then the story is dubious at best.

Despite the headline, the article inside the magazine tells a much different story. According to the unreliable outlet, Markle has been secretly hiding the fact that she and her then-husband, Trevor Engelson, "were very close to adopting a four-year-old girl from a foster home in LA," according to a supposed "royal insider." This so-called "insider" goes on to claim, "Meghan's mother Doria Ragland grew close to [the child] during her time as a social worker." This completely clueless source adds, "Meghan would often visit her with Doria, and she was desperate to legally adopt her before starting a family of her own. But all that fell apart when she got the role in Suits and moved to Canada, and eventually split up with Trevor."

The ill-informed or possibly made-up source just keeps spewing false information. According to the tipster, "Meghan continued to stay in touch," and has been in regular correspondence with this supposed orphan, even after the girl was adopted by another family. The tabloid even alleges Markle may have "secretly visited her last month when she and Harry were in LA. That would explain how Harry found out."

Prince Harry, according to this incredibly phony report, was dismayed at the supposed news. The dubious insider says, "Harry was completely blindsided by the news and has told friends he feels Meghan has been lying to him. After all, they've been through together, this secret feels almost unforgivable."

There is a lot to unpack here. Let's start with the bait and switch. While the cover of the tabloid clearly implies Markle has a "secret daughter" she's been somehow hiding from Prince Harry, inside, the story is about how she might have possibly, once, considered thinking about adopting a child with her ex-husband 10 years ago. So not only is there no daughter, it's certainly not the one she is hugging on the cover of the magazine. The tabloid deliberately misleads is readers.

What is even worse - the tabloid's made-up story can't possibly be true. The story purports that this all happened when Markle was married to Engelson, and before she landed her role on Suits. According to the outlet, it was her moving to Canada for the show that ended her pursuit of adoption. It's also stated that Markle met this mysterious 4-year-old through her mother's social work. These are important time stamps.

Here' the thing - Dorothy Ragland didn't get into social work until 2015 when she passed the licensing exam in California. In 2011, when this all supposedly happened, Ragland was still earning her masters in social work from the University of Southern California. Not only was the tabloid shameless in its bait and switch tactics, the writers of this bogus article didn't even do the research to make the phony story believable.

Woman's Day's reporting on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is appalling. Last month, the tabloid claimed Prince Harry and Markle had split, and she was "hiding" in Canada. Gossip Cop called the paper out for that false report at the time. We also busted the tabloid a week before when it claimed Prince Charles had "banished" Prince Harry and Markle from the royal family. Obviously that story was a complete falsehood as well. The couple's future in the family is well-known by now. The tabloid clearly doesn't have any clue about the couple.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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