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Meghan Markle did not make a "royal faux pas" by holding hands with Prince Harry, despite a claim. Gossip Cop can correct this falsehood. The couple is allowed to hold hands, and have been photographed doing so on numerous occasions both before and after their wedding.

But HollywoodLife is claiming the new duchess was "caught making another royal no-no during an event" with her husband and the queen. Contends the site, "Meghan simply tried to hold her new husband's hand while at the Young Leaders Reception at Buckingham Palace, and that's apparently inappropriate for royals." The blog goes on to allege that "before they were married, Harry and Meghan were all over each other," but that's changed, just as it supposedly has for Kate Middleton and Prince Harry. Offers the website, "Do you remember the last time they even touched in public? We thought so!"

Actually, Middleton and Prince Harry do hold hands in public, and were even photographed doing so before a Christmas service last December. Despite this blatant falsehood, the outlet also has a second story in which it's again claimed that Markle screwed up by trying to "take Prince Harry's hand at an event, which apparently isn't appropriate in their family." The repetitive and ill-informed online publication even alleges once more, "She attempted to hold Prince Harry's hand in public, which isn't how his family does things."

Again, this is provably untrue. In fact, Prince Harry and Markle openly held hands in public at his cousin's wedding less than two weeks ago. Days later, Prince Harry and Markle held hands at the Royal Ascot, too (see photo above). What's more is that Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla were even photographed kissing during a formal trip to Singapore last fall.

Conclusion: HollywoodLife is repeatedly claiming Markle committed a "royal faux pas" by trying to hold hands with Prince Harry, but hand-holding is perfectly acceptable. They've held hands at a number of recent events, and Prince William and Middleton have been seen doing so, too. It should also be noted that in the footage the site is using to support this narrative, nothing in appropriate actually took place at all. Markle and Prince Harry simply walked side by side and she made no real attempt to hold his hand. But even if she had, that wouldn't have been against any purported protocol.

Gossip Cop suspects the blog is only perpetuating this inaccurate storyline because at this same event, it seemed Markle mistakenly forgot to do the "duchess slant" and crossed her legs, which isn't the preferred posture for royal women. A number of outlets sensationalized that into a "faux pas," and now it appears the website is trying to put the same spin on this supposed hand-holding incident. But the facts don't support it.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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