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Meghan Markle hasn't ordered Prince Harry to "get a job." A tabloid claiming that she did is wrong. Gossip Cop investigated the matter.

The cover of the latest issue of the National Enquirer proclaims "Meghan Orders Harry: Get A Job — We Need Cash!" The gist of the article inside is that Markle is desperate for money and is worried an "$8 million money crunch" is going to sink the couple financially. The tabloid is counting on its readers having little understanding both of how the royal family's finances work in general and how the deal is structured in terms of allowing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to step down as senior members of "The Firm."

As is always the case, the outlet paints Meghan Markle as the villain. A so-called "high-level palace courtier" tells the paper, "Meghan's terrified her champagne dreams of being a Hollywood queen will be shattered by this financial nightmare and is insisting harry get off his duff and solve the crisis." The tabloid alleges the couple is in debt due to expenses like their rented home in Vancouver, the agreement to pay back $3 million to the British government for their renovations to their home base in the United Kingdom, Frogmore Cottage, and expected future security costs. Because of all this, the outlet's dubious source asserts, "Meghan told Harry, 'We need money — now!'"

While the story is correct about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry working towards financial independence, it is wrong about everything else. For starters, the duke and duchess are not getting completely cut off by the family just yet. In the deal worked out with Queen Elizabeth, Prince Harry and Markle will spend the next 12 months working towards independence.

It is true that the Sussexes will no longer receive their stipend from the Royal Trust, as the tabloid states, but it leaves out that the stipend is actually a fairly small percentage of the royal family's income. Most of that public money goes to maintaining the royal residences owned by the state, as well as security for the family and a smaller amount to compensate the royal family members working on behalf of the British people. The vast majority of the family's wealth comes from private income from their large landholdings across the UK, most notably the Duchy Of Cornwall, which is managed by Prince Charles.

In fact, that income is what has supported Prince Harry his entire life and in the agreement, it is stated that he will still be supported by that very same income for the time being. In that respect, nothing has changed — at least, not yet. Additionally, it is thought that Prince Harry received a tremendous inheritance from his mother, Princess Diana, upon her death. Her family, the Spencers, whom Prince Harry is obviously a part of, is also very wealthy. The bottom line here is that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are not desperate for cash, as the tabloid falsely claims.

The Enquirer seems to be obsessed with making up crazy numbers when it comes to the Sussexes. Last month, the unreliable outlet alleged Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's exit could cost the family $1 trillion in back taxes. It was an absurd report with no hard evidence to back up its ridiculous claim. Gossip Cop explained, again, how the finances of the family work, as well as pointing out that, while hard numbers are almost impossible to pin down when it comes to the royal family, they are likely worth less than a billion dollars. While still fabulously wealthy, it's nowhere near enough to owe that much in taxes. The tabloid simply made up a number to entice readers on its cover.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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