Is Meghan Markle threatening to leave Prince Harry over his growing bald spot, as a tabloid ridiculously claims this week? Of course, she is not. The story is completely untrue. Gossip Cop has looked into it and we can debunk it.

The Globe is reporting this week that the Duchess of Sussex has told the Duke that he must "get more hair or get lost!" The piece is as false as it is silly. There is absolutely no evidence that Markle has given Prince Harry an ultimatum about his receding hairline. The outlet claims to have an insider saying, "Meghan has turned into a rabid social climber obsessed with being the huge star she never became as an actress," so, "a bald Harry won't do." As a result, the so-called insider claims, "She's threatening to kick him out of bed - and her life - if he doesn't do something about his retreating mop top."

The article alleges that Prince Harry's bald spot has "double since marrying the Duchess" and quotes a hair-transplant surgeon who has never treated the Duke as saying, "You can see a definite acceleration in his male-pattern baldness in the last few months," that may be due to, according to the doctor, the stress of marriage and fatherhood. That quote is taken from a report in a London tabloid published in May. The same doctor said almost the exact same thing six months earlier in November 2018 to the same London tabloid. Of course, he didn't mention the stress of fatherhood in the earlier report, because the couple's son, Archie, had yet to be born. Nevertheless, the "doubling in size" quote stayed the same. This is just another example of two tabloids recycling a false story to sell papers.

It's also worth pointing out the strong and mean-spirited language the tabloid uses when referring to Markle in its piece. The outlet calls the former Suits star a failed actress, despite starring on the hit show before her marriage to Harry. She's also referred to as a "social climber," and a "diva," in addition to implying she is so shallow she would divorce her husband over his potential hair loss. This is par for the course for tabloids when writing about Markle. The vitriol has gotten so bad that Markle and Prince Harry have filed a lawsuit over the gossip media's treatment of the Duchess.

The Globe itself is not the tabloid being sued, but has nonetheless been guilty of much venom aimed at Markle. In July, the tabloid falsely reported Markle was battling depression and gaining weight following the birth of their son. The publication claimed the Duchess was "struggling to cope with motherhood," and has "become a compulsive eating machine, gaining a staggering 37 pounds," and could "barely waddle herself out of the house." Gossip Cop busted the tabloid for its rude, untrue account, and the Duchess can be seen in multiple photographs on the couple's recent trip to Africa looking every bit as radiant and fit as ever.

In May of this year, the Globe wrote an even more inflammatory story alleging Prince Harry was not the father of Markle's son. The tabloid's front-page headline screamed, "HARRY'S NOT THE DADDY" in a blatantly false report. There has never been even an inkling of evidence to suggest the Duchess has been unfaithful, and the paternity of Archie has never been questioned, as Gossip Cop pointed out at the time. It's clear this tabloid is determined to be as malicious as possible towards the royal couple. This latest, laughable article about the Prince's hairline is another example of how nasty the outlet can get.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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