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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry adopted an African baby, according to a completely unsubstantiated tabloid cover story. The bogus "world exclusive" comes from an outlet known for manufacturing articles about the royal family. Gossip Cop can expose this latest deception.

The lies begin right on the cover of the new issue of Globe, which appears to depict Prince Harry standing with Markle as he holds an "African baby" in his arms. This is actually a poorly photoshopped composite of three separate photos. The portion of the picture that shows the baby snuggled in the arms of the red-headed royal was taken in 2010, when Prince Harry was in Barbados and visited a hospital caring for children following the earthquake in Haiti.

But to make it seem like a current photo, the magazine digitally replaced Prince Harry's head from the original picture with a headshot cut from a recent snapshot. That way, readers wouldn't notice the age discrepancy. As for Markle, well, she didn't even know Prince Harry eight years ago, and her portion of the cover image appears to be taken from when Markle and Prince Harry attended a polo match a few weeks ago. Perhaps needless to say, but that event had nothing to do with adopting a child.

Incredibly, this entirely fake photo is also featured inside the issue, where it's alleged the couple is "adopting a baby girl from Africa," after they "fell in love with the infant while visiting an orphanage during their secret honeymoon." It's claimed they've "already started the process to make her their own," and the "groundbreaking decision" has supposedly "thrown the palace into turmoil." A so-called "high-level aide" is quoted as saying, "This will be a first for the royal family. Harry and Meghan are going to face a lot of opposition from the old guard."

But a supposed "palace insider" asserts, "They simply decided they couldn't wait to become parents." The infant is said to be from Botswana, with the alleged "insider" claiming, "I'm told they visited two orphanages and simply fell in love with a beautiful little girl with a huge smile. She's about six months old." This untraceable source, however, clearly doesn't have firsthand knowledge or any sort of direct confirmation if he or she is going off what they've been "told" by someone else.

Still, the "insider" maintains Prince Harry and Markle want to "bring the [baby] back to Kensington Palace within weeks," and hope to "have a rainbow family like Angelina Jolie." Notably, it was the outlet's sister publication, the National Enquirer, that first claimed in March that Markle and Prince Harry want to follow in Jolie's footsteps and adopt "multiracial children." In late May, though, the Enquirer announced Markle was pregnant with twins. Here, in the Globe article, it's claimed she's "trying to get pregnant as soon as possible."

But the tabloid declared on a cover in July that Markle was "98 pounds and pregnant." What happened to that? And the magazine also makes no mention of Prince Harry having a "love child," which is what it claimed in a cover story five months ago. The outlet has a documented history of concocting phony storylines that it later abandons for the next sensational topic it can come up with.

The newlyweds have openly discussed their desire to start a family, and Prince Harry just took a trip to Botswana earlier this month for a conservation project, but there is no credibility whatsoever to this narrative about an African adoption currently being in the works. In fact, while Kensington Palace declined to comment on the record when Gossip Cop reached out, the communications staffer with whom we spoke laughed off this tale, particularly given from where it's coming. When Prince Harry and Markle do welcome a child, it won't be the Globe breaking the news.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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