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Kensington Palace did not confirm Meghan Markle is pregnant with twins, despite a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop has actually already busted false claims that Markle and Prince Harry are expecting two babies. Now we can set the record straight again.

The new cover of OK! exclaims, "Meghan's Twins Announcement: It's A Boy & A Girl!" The front of the issue also features a teaser declaring, "Palace Confirms." But Markle did not make any public announcement, nor has the palace issued any confirmation that she's pregnant with twins. (Sources, however, believe she is expecting one baby.) The magazine's cover was deceptively designed to lure in readers. After consumers shell out $5.99 for a copy, it becomes clear inside the issue that the tabloid has no legitimate proof at all to back up this narrative. In fact, the allegations are based solely on unnamed, untraceable "insiders," who claim without evidence that Markle is "already expecting Prince Harry's offspring."

It's alleged, according to these unidentifiable "palace insiders," that the newlyweds "found out they were pregnant as soon as they returned from their private honeymoon to East Africa." The couple is described as "so thrilled" that they've "already started spilling the beans," informing Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Charles, Duchess Camilla and "even the queen." A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "They didn't expect it to happen so soon, and they were all the more giddy to learn they were having two — one a boy, the other a girl."

The cover of the issue also features the unattributed quote, "We'll raise our babies in America!" No such statement appears in the actual article. Rather, the magazine contends that Prince Harry is "willing to go the extra mile to make motherhood everything Meghan dreamed it would be — even if it means raising their children in America." Gossip Cop has already explained, however, why it is not feasible for the couple to relocate to the U.S. With Markle's move to London and her goal to obtain British citizenship, she cannot spend more than 270 days outside the UK during the three years prior to applying. That means moving to America is out of the question, something the outlet would know if it really had credible "insiders."

The publication also doesn't acknowledge that it falsely claimed Markle was pregnant last October. The tabloid has a documented history of wrongly alleging she's expecting, and now it is copying other gossip magazines that also recently peddled bogus cover stories about twins. This storyline started with the National Enquirer claiming on May 30 that Markle was pregnant with twins. Then on June 6, Life & Style similarly alleged Markle and Prince Harry were expecting twins. Now here is the OK! version on June 20.

Readers should not be fooled: Three tabloids offering similar claims does not mean the contentions are true. This is a result of the outlets following each other's lead. Not only are the National Enquirer and OK! sister publications, but their publisher AMI just bought Life & Style (as well as In Touch). Behind the scenes, these magazines are sharing staffs and often collaborating, as opposed to doing verifiable independent reporting. Indeed, none of these twins stories have been substantiated, even though they're being repeated.

And arguably, this new take from OK! is the worst of them because of the blatant lie right on the cover. Despite declaring "Palace Confirms" on the front of the issue, not a word is written in the article about Kensington Palace confirming Markle is pregnant with twins. The palace did make a baby-related announcement on Twitter on Wednesday, but it was about the christening for Prince William and Middleton's son, Prince Louis. Nothing was said about Markle expecting.

This is not the first time the outlet has pulled such a stunt. In September, the publication designed a cover that announced the "palace confirms" Middleton was "having a girl." The magazine was quite obviously wrong about the baby's gender, and just like now there wasn't any legitimate confirmation from the palace at all. At the time Gossip Cop even put together a photo gallery showing that OK! has used this "palace confirms" label untruthfully several times before. Now this is yet another instance.

Lastly, when Gossip Cop actually spoke with Kensington Palace earlier this month after Life & Style published its pregnancy tale about Markle, the communications staffer actually laughed aloud. These tabloids may be good for laughs, but they certainly aren't reliable for real news. UPDATE: While the report was 100 percent wrong, in mid-October Kensington Palace confirmed Markle is pregnant with one, single baby.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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