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Are Meghan Markle's parents back together and possibly remarrying? A report claims the actress' own wedding may not be the only nuptials in the works. But Gossip Cop investigated, and there is no substantial evidence to support this story.

The questionable claims stem from Woman's Day New Zealand, which begins its piece by declaring, "It looks like wedding fever is contagious!" The tabloid contends Markle has been "playing cupid for her divorced parents in the run-up to her big day," and "things are going so well" that her dad Thomas Markle and mom Doria Ragland are "talking about getting married again." A so-called "close pal" is quoted as saying, "They've rekindled their romance and it's Meghan's dearest wish for them to tie the knot."

Gossip Cop must note that no friend genuinely close to Markle would be talking about her with a gossip magazine. Yet this supposed source allegedly asserts to the outlet, "She's always wanted her mum and dad to get back together. Now it's happening and she is just so happy... As her mum says, it's all because of the royal wedding!" Indeed, the publication goes on to claim that "wedding preparations" are what led the actress' parents to reunite.

"They have stayed friendly all these years, but Meghan's romance with Harry has brought them closer together in a way they never imagined," the purported "pal" alleges. "They have been happy spending time together, especially with all the excitement over Meghan's wedding," continues the highly suspect source. And at the big event, adds the tabloid's supposed snitch, "When Meghan throws the bouquet, she is going to make sure that her mum catches it!"

Actually, it's unlikely there will even be a bouquet toss. Per a tradition that dates back to the 1920s, Kate Middleton's wedding bouquet was left at the grave of the unnamed warrior at Westminster Abbey. Though Markle's wedding won't be taking place there, it is expected her flowers will be handled in a meaningful way after they are done being used for official photographs. And while it was speculated that Markle's parents each traveled to England earlier this month to be present for their daughter's baptism, no reputable outlet has reported anything about the former spouses reconciling, much less remarrying.

To date, all that is known is Markle's dad may her walk down the aisle at her wedding to Prince Harry and, as People just reported on Tuesday, her father is likely to receive a family coat of arms as a traditional pre-wedding gift for the father of the bride. That said, Kensington Palace has yet to officially announce any involvement on the part of Markle's family in the planning of the nuptials or the special day itself. That makes it all the more likely Woman's Day's alleged insight is far from legitimate.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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