Meghan Markle Did NOT Try On Wedding Dresses, Despite Report

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Meghan Markle Wedding Dresses The Sun

By Shari Weiss |

Meghan Markle Wedding Dresses The Sun

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Meghan Markle did not try on wedding dresses, despite a report. Gossip Cop has exclusively learned the story is false. Unfortunately, this fake news is widespread.

According to The Sun, “Meghan Markle tried on wedding dresses and sparked speculation her engagement to Prince Harry is imminent.” The British paper asserted the “Suits” star went shopping with pals in Canada, where she donned a Paloma Blanca gown and other dresses. A purported source was quoted as saying, “She thought it’d be fun. She was with a couple of friends and they all thought she looked gorgeous.”

Of one of the dresses, the U.K. tabloid’s alleged tipster claimed, “She joked she couldn’t walk down the aisle of Westminster Abbey in it. But the fact she’s trying on dresses and thinking about their wedding shows how serious they are.” Markle and Prince Harry may indeed be serious, but this wedding dress excursion never happened.

“Meghan hasn’t tried any white dresses of any kind. She also hasn’t been shopping at all,” an impeccable contact tells Gossip Cop exclusively. Notably, The Sun has since pulled down its story, with the original URL updated to include the phrase “legal removal.” But even though the outlet retracted the inaccurate claims, it is still the top result on Google when searching “the sun meghan markle,” and is also currently featured in “Top Stories” when searching “meghan markle wedding dresses.”

In that top position, Google is also showcasing two of the publications that picked up the wrong claims. This is part of the problem with fake news. When online outlets decline to fact-check and simply regurgitate whatever is being said, search engines become flooded with misinformation. And those falsehoods can end up dominating Google instead of the truth. Searchers are looking for real news, but are seeing fiction before fact. Gossip Cop is working every day to help change that.

Meghan Markle The Sun


Meghan Markle Wedding DressesMeghan Markle Wedding Dresses


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