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Is Meghan Markle "miserable" as a member of the royal family? A new tabloid cover story claims the former "Suits" star is "already breaking under the strain of being a duchess." Gossip Cop looked into the allegations, and we can now bust them.

The latest cover of Star announces, "After 41 Days... Newlywed Meghan Miserable Already!" According to the article, Markle has "found that life as a royal is a never-ending nightmare." A so-called "tattletale" is quoted as saying, "Meghan is downright miserable." Continues this supposed source, "With all the appearances she has to make, she hasn't had a moment to breathe."

"What's more," contends the magazine, "there seems to be no pleasing her new grandmother-in-law." The alleged tipster claims, "Meghan's caving under the pressure of the queen's relentless demands, and she's anxious all the time because she can't seem to do anything right." The outlet even goes on to assert that "the stress is taking a serious toll on Meghan's health," with her hair supposedly falling out. The publication further alleges that Markle has "fallen so far out of favor... that the queen removed a photo of Harry and her in the Audience Room."

The story also contains the already debunked allegation that Queen Elizabeth forced Prince Harry and Markle to sign a prenup before the royal wedding. Just as that claim is untrue, much of what's said in this cover story is bogus. For example, while the tabloid maintains Markle "hadn't had a moment to breathe" due to official appearances, she actually had quite the gap between events on June 26 and July 5. There was also a gap between June 19 and 26. Plus, Prince Harry even took a solo trip to Africa without her.

As for the claim the former actress "can't seem to do anything right," Markle's outing with Queen Elizabeth shows she's doing much right in the monarch's eyes. Kate Middleton didn't make a comparable appearance with the queen until nearly a year into her marriage. Additionally, the queen is known to regularly change the royal family pictures she keeps on display. It's not a sign that Markle has "fallen out of favor."

The magazine also fails to acknowledge that Markle has been attending royal events since last year, long before she married Prince Harry. For instance, Markle took part in the family's public Christmas celebration in December. She started living the life of a royal months before she officially became one, and there's no real evidence that she's having such trouble adjusting that it's affecting her health. There's similarly no proof that she's "miserable" or "breaking" under any "strain."

This just seems to be yet another instance of the outlet trying to sensationally and dramatically cast Markle's life in a negative light. That was also the case in April, when the publication used a picture of Markle crying in character for "Suits" to trick readers into thinking she and Prince Harry were having a "wedding crisis." Simply put, the tabloid's reporting on Markle clearly isn't credible. And when Gossip Cop checked in with Kensington Palace, this cover story was laughed off.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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