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A HollywoodLife story about Prince Harry being confident Queen Elizabeth will be "enchanted" by Meghan Markle when they meet was made up. Gossip Cop can point out the tell-tale signs that this is a manufactured story, as well as explain just why it was crafted in the first place.

"Prince Harry Has No Doubts The Queen Will Be 'Enchanted' By Meghan Markle When They Meet," reads the headline of the latest royal-related "exclusive" from the webloid. While maintaining Markle has met various members of the prince's family, the site alleges "there's one more hurdle she has to jump before becoming a member: meeting Queen Elizabeth II." Contends the webloid, "It's definitely important for Meghan to meet the most important member of Harry's family before he proposes, and he's positive that the meeting is going to go swimmingly."

A so-called "palace insider" is then quoted as saying, "Meghan has met Prince Charles and Camilla, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward, and of course, Prince William and Kate Middleton. So far, every one of Prince Harry's relatives love her, which isn't surprising as Meghan is extremely well mannered, charming, and engaging." But no person really associated with the palace would refer to Middleton as "Kate Middleton." Per protocol, she's always to be addressed as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Similarly, Camilla Parker Bowles wouldn't be referenced as simply "Camilla."

Of course, these flubs underscore a larger issue. Regardless of using formal titles or not, a legitimate palace insider would not be speaking to HollywoodLies, a repeatedly discredited U.S. gossip site, about the royal family. And when this supposed source asserts something like "Harry has no doubts that his grandmother will be as enchanted by Meghan as the rest of his family are," it's meaningless. Obviously the prince is confident Markle will be liked. Otherwise he wouldn't be in a serious relationship with her.

What's also telling is the genesis of this tale. HollywoodLies only put this "exclusive" together on Monday after picking up a Mail On Sunday report that claimed the palace is preparing for an engagement. Notably, though, the site didn't regurgitate the claims correctly. The online outlet has twisted the allegations, asserting Queen Elizabeth herself is prepping for an engagement announcement when the queen wasn't even mentioned in the original report. Still, this practice of taking a news topic and pretending to have related information is actually a common occurrence.

For example, Gossip Cop just busted the webloid for purporting to know Prince Harry's reaction to Markle's Vanity Fair interview. The site took an existing subject and crafted a made-up narrative around it. That's exactly what is being done here in this new piece about Markle meeting Queen Elizabeth in advance of an engagement. The methodology is transparent, as is the fact that no authentic "palace insiders" are talking with the blog. Gossip Cop can see right through it, and readers should be able to as well.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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