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Meghan Markle did not hook up with Matt Lauer, contrary to a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop has exclusively confirmed the claims are 100 percent not true. And it appears the magazine that published this report was even warned it was wrong.

The new cover of the National Enquirer falsely announces, "Meghan & Matt's Secret Dressing Room Hook-Up!" The accompanying story specifically alleges, albeit incorrectly, that Markle was "caught in a dressing room hook-up" with Lauer following an appearance on the "Today" show in 2016. A so-called "source" untruthfully claims to the gossip magazine, "There was something going on between the two of them."

This questionable insider further spews nonsense in the publication about how Markle and Lauer "vanished together" (they didn't) and how he welcomed her into his office with the door closed on "at least two occasions" (he didn't). The article also ridiculously cites a body language expert, who absurdly shames Lauer for allegedly touching Markle's elbow on camera and compares it to groping her chest.

The outlet deems this a "hook-up bombshell," and wrongfully alleges it has "plunged Meghan's plans to wed" Prince Harry into "chaos." It's even claimed Prince Harry has been "rocked on [his] wedding eve." The nuptials are roughly three months away, but the supermarket tabloid makes the silly contention that the big event will "now have a shadow over it." It actually won't, since these allegations are false. And in a clear indication the magazine doesn't actually know what it's talking about, it repeats the already debunked assertions about Queen Elizabeth giving Markle a "royal makeover."

Frankly, it seems the outlet manufactured this fictional narrative about a "hook-up" between Lauer and Markle simply because the fired "Today" anchor has been accused of sexual misconduct. But no reputable publication has ever alleged any of the inappropriate behavior involved Markle. And the leading results of an online search for their names together doesn't even bring up Markle's appearances on "Today," but the fact that both Markle and Lauer topped Google's list of the most-searched people of 2017.

The National Enquirer has now combined two of the most popular subjects in the most sensational, salacious and untrue way. Let Gossip Cop reiterate: The tabloid's cover story is wrong. And while the magazine predicates its entire article on unnamed sources, we reached out to Kensington Palace for an official comment. We're exclusively told a Kensington Palace attorney contacted the magazine to express concerns about its inaccurate report, but the outlet chose to publish its meritless claims anyway. A royal insider even rumbled on background to Gossip Cop about legal ramifications for the magazine.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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