Meghan Markle NOT Asked About Marrying Prince Harry At ‘Suits’ Event, Despite Fake News Stories

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Meghan Markle Marry Prince Harry

By Michael Lewittes |

Meghan Markle Marry Prince Harry

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Meghan Meghan was not asked by a fan whether she “hoped to marry” Prince Harry during an event for her USA Network show “Suits” in Austin, Texas on Sunday, contrary to a slew of fake news stories. The question was never asked there. Gossip Cop has the exclusive.

The fake news began with the Daily Mail. According to the British tabloid, after the “Suits” cast did a read-through of a script at the Paramount Theater, there was a question-and-answer session, during which a supposed “fan” asked about her marrying her royal boyfriend. The paper alleges Markle simply “smiled but said nothing.” After that, the publication filled out the rest of its article with what the actress wore and how she said he co-stars are like “family.”

Gossip Cop has learned, however, that Markle was never questioned by a fan at the ATX Television Festival about getting wed to Prince Harry. That didn’t stop a number of other outlets from printing the inaccurate gossip as if it were gospel. The Mirror, for example, ran a headline that falsely claimed, Markle was “put on the spot over Prince Harry marriage” at the Austin event. Even ABC News wrongly stated in an article it posted online that the actress received a “surprise question about Prince Harry,” but “shied away” from responding at the “Suits” reading.

Again, none of this is true. In fact, there’s video of the entire event, and anyone who watches it can see no one posed that question to Markle. Additionally, Gossip Cop checked in with a number of sources who were on the scene, and each and every one of them confirmed to us that Markle was not asked about marrying Prince Harry at the ATX Television Festival.

One insider tells Gossip Cop exactly what happened. A reporter for the Daily Mail tried in vain to interview Markle, and even attempted to get her at the airport as she was leaving Austin. It was actually at the airport that the reporter (not a fan at the festival) asked the actress about marrying Prince Harry. We’re told there was absolutely no response or reaction from Markle, who walked past the journalist in silence and emotionless. As longtime reporters, we’re sorry the British tabloid’s staffer didn’t get a scoop, but there’s no excuse for making up fake news about a fan asking the Prince Harry marriage question, and then adding an untrue detail about Markle responding with a smile when it never happened.

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