Who Is Meghan Markle’s Maid Of Honor For Royal Wedding?

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Meghan Markle Maid Honor

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Meghan Markle Maid Honor

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Who is Meghan Markle’s maid of honor for her royal wedding? One tabloid claims the role will be filled by her close friend Jessica Mulroney. But this contention is provably false.

According to New Idea, Mulroney is “hotly tipped” to be the maid of honor when Markle marries Prince Harry later this month. Rather than offering evidence that Mulroney will indeed take on the coveted position, the gossip magazine instead gives readers commonly known and readily information about her friendship with Markle. For instance, the outlet points out that Mulroney joined the “Suits” star at the Invictus Games last year, an event that was documented by hundreds of cameras.

Noting how Mulroney is a stylist, the publication features a picture of her and Markle looking at wedding dresses for the actress’s TV alter-ego. It’s also mentioned that photos of Mulroney were on Markle’s Instagram account, which was taken down several months ago. And because the tabloid apparently has no genuine insight of its own, it quotes from a month-old Mail On Sunday report, in which it was speculated, “Meghan looks up to Jessica and has… modeled herself on her. The irony is Meghan could end up being upstaged by the woman she’s fashioned herself on.”

Naturally, a comparison is made to the attention Pippa Middleton received on Kate Middleton’s wedding day. The magazine goes on to a cite an “insider,” who contends, “Everyone is betting on Jessica as maid of honor.” But that quote is also from the Mail. In other words, New Idea really has no original reporting to offer. What’s more is that while Mulroney might seem like an ideal person to take on the maid of honor role, it has been confirmed she won’t actually be doing so.

In fact, no one will. Kensington Palace revealed last week that Markle is not having a maid of honor at the wedding. “She has a very close-knit circle of friends and she didn’t want to choose one over another,” a spokesperson explained. As for the rest of the bridal party, per tradition that will be made up of young royals and kids whose families are close to the monarchy. In an update shared by the couple’s press secretary on Friday, the rep said the “details” of these bridesmaids and page boys will be unveiled in the week before the nuptials.

Regardless, Mulroney won’t be maid of honor, and won’t be a member of the wedding party at all. Gossip Cop is not surprised the tabloid fumbled this story given that it is the same magazine that absurdly claimed Markle and Prince Harry were already married last summer, months before they were even engaged. It’s quite clear New Idea had no idea what it was talking about back then and still doesn’t now.


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