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Was Meghan Markle in a “fury” over secret tapes that Princess Diana supposedly left for Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton? One tabloid claimed that Markle recently learned of the existence of secret tapes and feels “ripped off” that Princess Diana didn’t leave her a “message from beyond the grave.” Gossip Cop looked into the story and can supply some context that completely changes the narrative.

Meghan Markle "Demanding" To Hear Secret Princess Diana Tapes

New Idea reported that Meghan Markle, who the outlet insisted had been a “long-time fan of the late Princess Diana,” had recently discovered that the late mother of her husband Prince Harry had left a set of secret tapes behind. The alleged tapes were first reported on by The Globe, and supposedly contained a message for Princess Diana’s eldest son, Prince William, and his as-yet-known future bride. According to the disreputable tabloid, Princess Diana apparently had a premonition about her death.

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The alleged tapes supposedly advised Prince William on how to avoid the mistakes Princess Diana made in her own marriage. There was also a special message for Prince William’s wife, who Princess Diana insisted would be “beautiful, smart and independent.” She allegedly said, “I know I’d adore you and we’d be fast friends.”

You’d have to be someone truly special. If you weren’t you wouldn’t be my William’s wife.

Markle Feels "Ripped Off"

The tabloid went on to hint that Kate Middleton had heard the tape, but sources insisted that Markle was “demanding” to hear it as well. “She feels ripped off that Diana didn’t do the same for Harry – she’d have loved a message from beyond the grave and says that, as Diana’s other daughter-in-law, she deserves to hear the message as well,” said a source.

Of course, she doesn’t seem to understand that the whole point of the tape was to advise and support William’s choice of the future queen – which Meghan is not. Kate and William hold those tapes close and won’t let anyone have them.

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Gossip Cop's Take

Let’s break this story down to its roots. The initial reporting of the supposed “secret tapes” came from one of the most infamously disreputable tabloids that Gossip Cop covers. The Globe has previously reported all sorts of nonsense about the royal family. The outlet questioned Prince Harry’s paternity on numerous occasions, claimed that Prince William accused his father, Prince Charles, of murder, and even printed a bizarre story insisting that a “secret daughter” of Prince Charles and Princess Diana had tried to give Meghan Markle a warning about her father-in-law.

There’s also the time the tabloid claimed Prince Charles was letting his wife Camilla Parker Bowles die of an unspecified liver disease in order to avoid an expensive divorce. Any outlet that produced even one of these blatantly false stories would be hard to trust, but one that published all of them? Impossible to believe, even for a moment.

Gossip Cop doesn’t believe that Princess Diana had a “premonition” about her untimely death since she died in a car accident that no one could have predicted. We also find it hard to believe that she’d leave one of her sons out of any alleged tapes. New Idea clearly had a slow news day and felt like stirring up trouble for Markle, who’s been a favorite target for the tabloids.

Over the summer, the outlet claimed Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had secretly split up and that he had “fled” from his American wife. The two are still together, which proves Gossip Cop was right to distrust the tall tale when we first encountered it.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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