Meghan Markle “Frustrated” With Royal Life?

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Meghan Markle Royal Life

By Holly Nicol |

Meghan Markle Royal Life

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Is Meghan Markle really “frustrated” with royal life? A tabloid is claiming the bride-to-be is “struggling to adjust to her restricted life behind palace walls,” but Gossip Cop can expose the truth. We’re told it’s “rubbish.”

According to the latest edition of In Touch, the former “Suits” actress is feeling “lonely and frustrated” after immersing herself into Prince Harry’s royal world. A so-called “source is quoted as telling the gossip magazine, “She can’t lead a normal life anymore. She can no longer just get up and take the dog for a walk or go for a jog in the park.” The publication’s alleged “insider” goes on to note that Markle has been “thrown in at the deep end” and it’s “very isolating” for her.

The outlet then points out that “some members of the royal family” have “urged” Prince Harry to protect his assets, which is putting even more “stress” on Markle. “Queen Elizabeth was hoping that Harry would be sensible enough to want to protect what’s his,” further maintains the tabloid’s dubious “insider,” but the “idea didn’t sit well” with Prince Harry.

And if that wasn’t enough, In Touch’s questionable “source,” a purported “friend” of Markle’s, continues to claim that the star “misses interacting with people online.” “She’s a free spirit, and when she felt strongly about something, she could tweet or share photos. Now she can’t,” concludes the most assuredly non-existent tipster. At the end of its story, the magazine quotes the very same “source” as saying, “Harry may have underestimated what Meghan is going through.”

But there’s a number of inaccuracies within the publication’s newest tale. First off, and most importantly, Markle is not “frustrated” with royal life. Earlier this week, Prince Harry and Markle paid a visit to Northern Ireland, where they received a very warm welcome from royal fans. The former actress looked cheerful as she spoke to a number of young people in the city of Belfast, and in general, seems to be adapting to royal life brilliantly. And in Prince Harry and Markle’s BBC interview about their engagement, she specifically said of her new life, “I don’t see it as giving anything up. I just see it as a change.”

Secondly, members of the royal family never have prenups, so the outlet’s assertion about Queen Elizabeth pushing Prince Harry into signing an agreement to protect his assets is wholly fabricated. And last but not least, Markle made the decision to close her social media accounts because they hadn’t been in use for some time. She certainly isn’t upset about being unable to use social media, and if anything, she’s interacting with her fans even more during public royal engagements around the U.K. than she through the internet.

Regardless of all the clear falsehoods, Gossip Cop still fact-checked the story and a palace insider, who wasn’t authorized to comment on the record, tells us the article is complete “rubbish” and “not true.” And of course, given that this is coming from the same magazine that previously claimed Markle was pregnant months ago, we’re hardly surprised by its latest piece of fiction.

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