Meghan Markle “Fulfills Prince Harry’s Freckle Fetish” Is Made-Up Story

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Meghan Markle Freckles

By Shari Weiss |

Meghan Markle Freckles

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A story claiming Meghan Markle “fulfills Prince Harry’s freckle fetish” is made-up. While the groom-to-be no doubt loves his fiancée’s appearance, Gossip Cop is told no one shared this purported turn-on with a supermarket tabloid.

When Markle and Prince Harry stepped out with the royal family for Christmas services on Monday, the National Enquirer maintains she was “secretly showing off the look that originally drove Harry wild!” That would be the freckles that dot her face and neck. A so-called “palace insider” supposedly claims about the prince, “It’s bizarre, but freckles turn him on. He likes moles, too, which he refers to as beauty spots.”

”His ex Chelsy Davy had plenty of those. He’s proud of his own freckles, and loves it when women have them and flaunt them,” continues this supposed source. The alleged tipster goes on to contend about Markle, “Harry’s always complimenting her on her complexion. He even encouraged her to show them off on the recent Vanity Fair cover shoot.”

Markle’s freckles were indeed on display in her Vanity Fair photos, which were released in September. And yes, they were also visible as Markle and Prince Harry spent their first Christmas together. But she is not “secretly showing off the look that originally drove Harry wild” just to attract her beau. She’s never covered up her freckles in the past, so it wouldn’t make sense for her to start doing so now. In fact, Markle even told Allure it’s her “pet peeve” when her freckles are airbrushed out of pictures.

It’s odd to misconstrue Markle going about life with her natural skin tone as something done purposefully to get Prince Harry’s attention. And it’s downright bizarre that the gossip magazine wants people to believe a “palace insider” publicly spoke about the heir to the monarchy having a “fetish.” No one genuinely connected to the royals would ever discuss a topic like turn-ons with the media. Of course, this is the same publication that earlier this year peddled a story about Markle making Prince Harry shave his pubic hair. These seedy and unseemly tales are wholly manufactured by the outlet, Gossip Cop is once again assured.

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