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Is Meghan Markle "worried" her estranged family will "crash" the royal wedding? A report claims she fears what her uninvited relatives might do. But Gossip Cop can bust the story.

According to the latest issue of In Touch, Markle is "worried that her estranged family will ruin her wedding to Prince Harry." The tabloid asserts the bride-to-be has "good reason" to be nervous, because half-sister Samantha Grant supposedly confirmed to the gossip magazine that she "plans to fly to England for the May 19 nups." A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "Meghan's already stressed-out from planning the wedding of the century. Now she's worried about her estranged family showing up."

"It would be Meghan's worst nightmare for her family to wreak havoc on what is meant to be the happiest day of her life," the alleged tipster contends to the outlet. Notably, the publication doesn't actually explain exactly how Grant, or anyone else for that matter, intends on "crashing" the wedding. More importantly, such a thing is practically impossible.

In a statement released on Thursday by the Thames Valley Police Department, which has jurisdiction where Windsor Castle is located, there will be such an increased security presence that "the policing operation will be amongst the largest in Thames Valley Police's history." The plans include license plate recognition, closed circuit television and barriers to stop "hostile vehicles," in addition to "many security measures that you can't see."

And that's not all. Kensington Palace issued a press release earlier this month that revealed members of the military will also be on hand at Markle and Prince Harry's wedding. While many will be positioned for ceremonial duties, these trained Armed Forces personnel will be able to spring into action should anything go awry. The Daily Mail is even comparing the set-up for the wedding security to a "ring of steel," with a cost likely to be more than $30 million.

All this is to say there is little to no chance of Grant or any other distant relative bypassing security to "wreak havoc" on the wedding. And Markle, of course, is well aware that no unwanted guests should be able to gain access to the castle's grounds. E! Online recently did an investigation into potential dangers related to Markle and Prince Harry's big day, in which it was noted she is already under 24-hour guard, much like her fiancee and the rest of the royal family.

Dai Davies, who was previously Head of Royal Protection and Chief Superintendent of the Metropolitan Police Service, shared, "William and Harry have grown up with protection all their lives so they are used to this. And for Meghan... she has been going out with Harry for quite a while. She's a very bright and intelligent lady so I have no doubt she is taking to all of this like a duck to water." In other words, Markle is quite prepared for things to go smoothly because she knows everyone around her will be assuring no harm can be caused.

Arguably, the worst Grant may be able to do is to talk to the press, which she's been doing since Markle and Prince Harry's relationship went public in 2016. But Markle will be far too busy with, you know, actually getting married, to fret over what her relatives may or may not say to the media as she walks down the aisle. It's clear In Touch just wanted to run a dramatic tale as the wedding approaches, even as its claims are easily disproven. But what else to expect from the same tabloid that falsely claimed Markle was pregnant last November?

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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