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A tabloid cover story "all about" Meghan Markle's "fairy tale wedding" was made-up. It comes from the same magazine that previously fabricated wedding-related cover stories about the actress and Prince Harry twice this year. Gossip Cop can expose all of these new alleged "details" as manufactured.

But before we do, let's look back at what came before it. In May, OK! outright lied when it announced the palace "confirmed" Prince Harry and Markle would wed over the summer. After the summer came and went without any nuptials or even an engagement, the outlet concocted yet another cover story about Markle and Prince Harry's "wedding of the century" from a supposed "palace planner." It was more fiction and came before Prince Harry even proposed, which didn't happen until November.

Now in December, there's this new "fairy tale wedding" issue, in which the publication claims to know all the "inside details" of the actual wedding now that one is officially in the works. What is really has, though, is a bunch of speculation and guesses. For instance, it's asserted the bride and groom will "exchange traditional wedding vows from the Book of Common Prayer," but have "requested to omit the word 'obey.'" That didn't really come from a "royal insider," as purported. It's simply what Princess Diana and Prince Charles did at their wedding.

Similarly, it's claimed Prince George and Princess Charlotte will have roles in the wedding party, just as they did at Pippa Middleton's nuptials earlier this year. These aren't insightful revelations. They're obvious guesses. That continues when the tabloid asserts Prince Harry will have a smaller list of wedding guests than his brother did because the chapel at Windsor Castle holds far fewer people than Westminster Abbey. And while the magazine speculates that Markle's well-known friends like Serena Williams and Priyanka Chopra will be in attendance, Prince Harry actually confirmed on Wednesday the guest list hasn't been put together yet.

Even the allegation that Inbal Dror is the "top contender" for Markle's wedding dress designer is unoriginal given that it was already known and widely covered last week that the label has submitted a sketch for the bride-to-be to consider. And it's not a stretch to claim royal chef Mark Flanagan will "oversee" the food considering he also handled the menu for Prince William's wedding. Amidst all of these obvious contentions, there's also meaningless, vague generalizations, such as a so-called "palace insider" asserting, "From the vows to the food, it's going to be clear that the day is all about celebrating Meghan and Harry." Well, who else would it be about?

None of this has come from anyone directly connected to the palace and the royal family, Gossip Cop is told by a source not authorized to comment on the record. That's why there's nothing unique or notable about it. And rather than have a U.S. gossip magazine leak the authentic plans, Kensington Palace itself will announce the real wedding information in the coming months. But throughout this pre-wedding period, don't be surprised if OK! disingenuously claims to have the "scoop on every last detail of their plans" several more times between now and May 19. The outlet just wants to sell copies, not deliver legitimate news.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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