Story About How Meghan Markle Is “Excited” To Become A Royal Is Made-Up

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Meghan Markle Excited Royal Family

By Holly Nicol |

Meghan Markle Excited Royal Family

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A new story about how Meghan Markle is “excited” to become a member of the royal family is entirely made-up. Gossip Cop can expose this fabrication, which was manufactured by a repeat offender.

Not surprisingly, the tale was concocted by the serial fibbers at HollywoodLife. According to the often discredited website, which has been caught on several occasions spreading fake news about the “Suits” actress, Markle is “super excited” about becoming a royal. A so-called “source” is quoted by the outlet as saying, “Meghan is freaking out about becoming royalty. She can’t wait for the official [engagement] announcement and to join the family.” The seemingly fake tipster adds, “[Prince Harry] already talked to her parents, asked permission and she met his family, including the Queen, so everything is set to be made public as soon as next month.”

Much to that website’s chagrin, Gossip Cop fact-checks every report, and once again we discovered the outlet concocted its article. While it’s obviously not out of the question to assume that Markle would be excited about becoming a member of the royal family and a real-life princess, we’ve been assured that no one in her camp or from Prince Harry’s inner circle is sharing that information with HollywoodLies, as it’s known. As we’ve noted before, the blog seemingly has no reliable palace sources, which makes it appear the site is simply fabricating its stories about her and Prince Harry.

Making up tall tales about the “Suits” actress is sadly not new for HollywoodLies. Gossip Cop previously corrected the outlet when it falsely asserted Markle and Prince Harry had a royal baby “on the way.” In that article from April no less, the untrustworthy blog maintained Markle was expecting and would be a “pregnant bride.” Of course, as we reported back then, there was no truth to that claim and the same can be said of the latest story that untruthfully purports to have insight into her feelings about joining the royal family.

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