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Meghan Markle has not been "caught up" in a "shocking drug scandal," despite misleading reports. Gossip Cop can bust the stories. This purported "drug secret" doesn't have anything directly to do with the Duchess of Sussex at all.

Sister outlets the National Enquirer and RadarOnline are running virtually identical stories this week claiming Markle's father, from whom she's largely estranged these days, "bankrolled" a "meth addict who vanished after hitting him up for $6,000 in cash." The articles try to make it seem like this woman was a surrogate daughter for Thomas Markle, and therefore like Markle's "sister."

The claims come from the "woman's former boyfriend," who contends Markle's dad doted on the woman and her daughter and gave them "gifts." But it's alleged she "took advantage of his generosity and weaseled a $6,000 loan out of him," and then "coldly cut him off and even snubbed his 74th birthday on July 18." What does any of this really have to do with Prince Harry's wife?

The same so-called "royal insider" quoted by both publications asserts, "Meghan's already livid about her family's loose lips, but she can't believe her father would associate with a known drug addict." This untraceable source goes on, "It's reckless beyond belief and only makes the rift between them wider... She thought he was more streetwise than to be taken for a fool by a desperate young druggie."

Earlier this week, however, it was reported that Markle hasn't spoken to her father in more than 10 weeks. How would she know then about his supposed involvement with a "meth addict"? Even if the alleged details about Thomas Markle getting "taken" by a "druggie" were true, they don't affect the Duchess in any real way. And there's plenty of proof she has been carrying on with life as normal.

Last weekend, for example, Markle and Prince Harry happily spent her birthday at a friend's wedding. In the coming weeks, Markle and Prince Harry will join the queen on summer vacation in Scotland. No "drug scandal" has derailed her plans, and this alleged "secret" doesn't really have anything to do with her at all. RadarOnline and the National Enquirer simply wanted to be sensational. This certainly isn't the first time.

Last year, the website announced Markle was "caught in [a] Nazi and Satanism scandal." Rather than directly relating to her, the claims were actually about the teen daughter of the "Suits" star's half-sister. To be clear, the blog tried tying Markle to Nazis and devil worship because of her half-sister's daughter, whom Gossip Cop learned she only met once a number of years ago. And now the website and its sister tabloid are trying to tie Markle to a "drug scandal," because the ex-boyfriend of an alleged addict claims the woman swindled her dad. To call these links convoluted would be an understatement, and the real "scandal" here is how these gossip outlets continually mislead readers.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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