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Meghan Markle is battling depression and gaining weight following the birth of her and Prince Harry's baby Archie, according to a magazine cover story. The report claims the duchess "can't stop crying," and is consoling herself by "gobbling baked goods." The article, however, is inaccurate.

The latest issue of the Globe features a photo of Markle sobbing (above), along with the headline, "Tormented Meghan: Battling Baby Depression." Inside the supermarket tabloid it's alleged Prince Harry has sent his wife to therapy because she's "struggling to cope with motherhood," and has "become a compulsive eating machine, gaining a staggering 37 pounds." After the outlet calls the actress-turn-royal "chubby," it contends Markle can "barely waddle herself out of the house."

From there the publication asserts it has a "palace insider" who shares how Markle has "been diagnosed with postpartum and has the baby blues so bad, she barely gets out of bed." "The only comfort she finds is in gobbling sugary baked goods, which have caused her weight to soar," writes the often debunked outlet. The magazine's seemingly manufactured "insider" adds, "[Prince Harry's] pleading with Meghan to see specialists, but all she wants to do is sit in her room, sob and wolf down sweets."

Admittedly, Gossip Cop is not surprised at the falsity of the cover story, considering how many times we've called out the tabloid for its made-up tales about Markle and Prince Harry. Before we point out the magazine's past fibs, let's examine the latest article. For starters, the front page itself is completely deceptive. The picture of Markle crying has nothing to do with postpartum depression or anything related to her life as a royal. It's a photo from the episode on "Suits" in which Markle's character Rachel Zane got married.

More significantly, the main premise about the Duchess of Sussex still "gaining" weight and constantly crying in her room, where she "barely leaves her bed," is clearly a fabrication as well. Six days ago, for instance, a slimmed-down Markle was pictured with Prince Harry on Instagram, smiling at each other as they watched the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox play an exhibition game at London Stadium. Actually, far from being depressed and holed up in their cottage at Windsor Castle, an ecstatic and decidedly not "chubby" Markle was photographed cheering on her friend Serena William at Wimbledon on Thursday.

To recap, the publication's entire narrative is based on an anonymous and possibly concocted "insider." Conversely, there is visual proof that Markle has not packed on 37 pounds since giving birth to her and Prince Harry's son Archie. It's also obvious she's not homebound, not does she appear "depressed."

Gossip Cop, of course, has repeatedly corrected the Globe for publishing wholly fictitious tales about the royals. Just a couple of weeks ago, Gossip Cop busted the publication when it ran a cover story that untruthfully maintained Prince Harry had a "secret showdown" with Donald Trump. In that article, it was stated Markle was a no-show to meet with the president because of remarks he made about the actress. Unable to keep track of its lies, the reason she didn't join the other royals during Trump's state visit last month, claims the new report, is that she was too "depressed" and "ashamed" of her weight gain to be seen publicly.

Curiously, the magazine doesn't mention in its latest article how it previously reported Prince Harry is not the real father of his and Markle's baby. That was a front page story the tabloid printed less than two months ago. Also missing in the current piece is how the outlet insisted Prince Harry had a "love child" that threatened to derail his wedding to Markle more than a year ago.

Gossip Cop shot down each and every one of those bogus tales. And much like those reports, the new cover story about Markle battling depressed, gaining weight, and not wanting to leave her bedroom is also provably wrong. The only battle here is the one the tabloid has with the truth.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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