A new story that claims Meghan Markle is "utterly exhausted" after her first Christmas with Prince Harry and the royal family is completely made-up. Gossip Cop is not only told it's factually untrue, but also that no one close to Markle shared that information with HollywoodLife, a site that has posted fake news about the royals in the past.

HollywoodLies, as it's alternately known, begins its latest concocted piece by saying that after taking part in "the royal family's Christmas celebrations, Meghan Markle is 'drained.'" It then notes, "She's a bit run down after the busy Christmas holiday." Basically, since the site doesn't really have any specifics or proof of its claim, it simply fills its space with synonyms, including "exhausted," "drained," and "run down."

But that's not all. It regurgitates its baseless premise through a slew of reworded phrases that it falsely maintains come from a "palace insider." Having noted how the former actress has been "going nonstop between lavish events and meeting all of her future husband's family," the so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "Meghan is feeling utterly exhausted right now."

That's followed by the same seemingly made-up source contending, "Meghan's never had to be this mindful of every single thing before, and it really is incredibly draining." Again, HollywoodLies offers nothing about why Markle's "exhausted," just different ways of saying "tired." Next, it has its almost assuredly phony "insider" add how "she can't wait for things [to] slow down, so she and Harry can enjoy some solitude away from the etiquette, cameras and prying eyes."

The reality is Gossip Cop is the most tired during this holiday season of all of HollywoodLife's fake news stories. Comically, the often discredited site accidentally tipped off that it manufactured its article when it wrote that after attending church services on Christmas in Sandringham, the royal family had a "sit-down lunch of roast turkey and steamed fruit pudding, before the 91-year-old Queen gave her annual, televised address to the nation."

HollywoodLies clearly knows very little about the royal family and seemingly less about fact-checking. The repeatedly disproven outlet makes it sound like after everyone enjoyed the widely reported turkey lunch, the queen gave her annual speech. But that's not the case. The queen's televised Christmas message was filmed earlier this month.

While HollywoodLies clearly did not fact-check its story, Gossip Cop did. We're assured by a palace source that no "royal insider" is sharing any information about Markle, most especially on Boxing Day when no one is working. Additionally, a source close to Markle laughed off the outlet's claim, pointing out that she worked long hours on "Suits" and other projects for years, and she's nothing less than "indefatigable."

This, of course, is just the latest in a string of untrue stories that outlet has published about Prince Harry's fiancee. Just days ago, Gossip Cop busted the site for a fabricated article about Markle being "overwhelmed" by all the royal etiquette. You'll recall that blog also falsely reported in August that Markle accepted Prince Harry's marriage proposal. You'd assume, at this point, HollywoodLies would be "exhausted" from making up so many provably wrong reports about the newly engaged couple.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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