Meghan Markle “Banned” From Pippa Middleton Wedding Is Fake News

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Meghan Markle Ban Pippa Middleton Prince Harry

By Michael Lewittes |

Meghan Markle Ban Pippa Middleton Prince Harry

(RadarOnline/Getty Images)

Meghan Markle was not “banned” or “barred” from Pippa Middleton’s wedding on Saturday, despite a fake news story. And the contention that Prince Harry was “upset” and “looked miserable,” as a result, is also a lie. Markle was at the wedding, and Prince Harry was quite happy about it.

According to the serial fibbers at RadarOnline, “Prince Harry looked miserable” at Middleton’s wedding because Markle was “banned.” The outlet further maintains the reason Markle wasn’t at the nuptials was that the bride feared the actress “would upstage her.” After that, the website literally just repeats itself but switches around its phrases with different synonyms.

Having already wrongly alleged that Prince Harry was “miserable” and “upset” that his girlfriend was not at Middleton’s wedding, the often discredited site notes he looked “sad” because Markle was “nowhere to be seen.” Repeating again that Middleton supposedly didn’t want to be “upstaged at her own wedding,” the uncreative and unreliable outlet writes, “Prince Harry looked somber.” And while it has widely (and accurately) been reported that Markle wouldn’t attend the smaller church ceremony because of the Middleton’s policy of a plus-one only for married or engaged couples, the fabricators at RadarOnline suddenly have a “source,” who phonily says that rule was made “solely for [Prince Harry’s] girlfriend.”

Are we really supposed to believe that the plus-one policy for only married or engaged couples was put into place just to “ban” Markle? Of course, despite the untrustworthy site’s claim, the “Suits” actress actually joined Prince Harry at the wedding reception. So basically, the entire story is untrue.

Still, the website seemed to have some synonyms left, so the story repeats further on that “Harry was very upset he couldn’t take Markle,” and other guests “couldn’t help but notice how lonely Prince Harry looked.” Of course, all one needs to do is look at the photo above from that same piece, and it’s clear the redheaded royal was not “upset,” “sad,” “somber,” or “miserable.” He was smiling and having a good time. The only thing that’s “sad” is the reporting at RadarOnline.

By Gossip Cop’s count, that site is currently in contention for holding the crown for the most provably untrue stories about the royals. Seven months ago, for example, Gossip Cop busted the blog from falsely maintaining Prince Harry was ordered to dump Markle by Prince Charles. Using one of its favorite words, the outlet wrote the future king of England “banned the nuptials.” That claim wasn’t true, nor is the current article. Markle was not “banned” from Middleton’s wedding, and Prince Harry was visibly happy to celebrate with her.

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