Meghan Markle, Prince Harry New Year Baby Plans With Fertility Doctor Revealed?

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Meghan Markle Baby Plans Fertility Doctor

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Meghan Markle Baby Plans Fertility Doctor

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An Australian tabloid is claiming to not only know that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are planning for a baby in the new year, but also alleging to know just who is their fertility doctor. Gossip Cop investigated, and this story appears to be made-up.

“Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s new-year baby plans revealed: meet their fertility doctor,” reads a headline online from Woman’s Day, which is also featuring a similar article in its print edition. According to the gossip magazine, the couple has been receiving guests at Kensington Palace since announcing their engagement, “but there was one particular visitor who raised eyebrows when she called in on 36-year-old Meghan at her new home.” That is said to be Melanie Brown, a London-based nutritionist with a focus on fertility.

Markle and Prince Harry, contends the outlet, “want to be in tiptop shape to fall pregnant as soon as possible after their wedding.” So, a so-called “palace source” is quoted as saying, “Melanie was at Nottingham Cottage for around an hour checking Meghan’s vitals, looking into her health history and taking as much information as possible to devise a specialist diet for both her and Harry to stick to.” This supposed insider goes on to assert, “While Meghan’s hoping she won’t have problems conceiving when they start trying for a family, she’s also aware she’ll be almost 37 by the time she does. So she wants to increase her chances of falling pregnant by ensuring her body is as prepared for conception as much as possible.”

That may sound plausible and reasonable, but what’s not plausible or reasonable is a “palace source” leaking details of Markle and Prince Harry’s meeting with a fertility doctor to an Australian tabloid. Any person legitimately connected to the palace wouldn’t share any such information with any publication at all. Brown is a real specialist in preconception nutrition, and Prince Harry and Markle recently said they want to start a family in the “near future.” But it seems Woman’s Day, which has a history of sometimes fudging stories, manufactured this tale by combining the two. Gossip Cop could not confirm that any of the alleged details are authentic.

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