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A recent tabloid cover story promised details on a million-dollar shortfall in the royal finances. Who stole the money? Meghan Markle and Prince Harry of course. Gossip Cop has confronted stories in the past about the Sussex stealing money or resources from the royal family. Since we’re skeptical, we decided to look into the inflammatory story.

Cover of Woman's Day, with a headline in the bottom left corner saying "$35 Million Missing!"
(Woman's Day)

‘$35 Million Missing!’

While “the British monarchy has made an art form out of making money,” Woman’s Day claims their purse has taken a massive hit. As coronavirus has damaged the tourism industry, the Queen’s treasurer said the bank “should expect to run at a $35 million loss by March 2021.” “While the pandemic is largely to blame,” Prince Charles is also pointing fingers at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, according to the report.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex withdrew “a large chunk of change from the royal purse before” leaving for America. This includes the couple’s trip to South Africa, where the two traveled in “private jets” with “security” and other luxuries. Prince Charles apparently spent “$901,000 more than usual on” his two sons, and a source says “most of that went to Meghan.” “Her wardrobe costs alone far exceeded usual spends,” the source added.

Middleton Is Holding It Down

Kate Middleton was “particularly horrified” at the wasteful spending thanks to Markle. Middleton and her children have “been left to shoulder the burden” of royal finances now that the Sussexes have left. She is “prepared to do whatever it takes” to get the family’s finances back on track, even though it’s meant “scrambling to make up for [the Sussexes] frivolous spending by working harder, most likely for less.”

The Royal Family Did Lose Money, But Not Thanks To Markle

The expenditures cited in this story, namely the Susexes trip to South Africa, were officially royal duties. This is akin to insulting Markle for doing what the crown told her to do. While it is true that the royal family faces a financial shortfall, it is, as the tabloid even admits, thanks to the coronavirus. Gossip Cop has concluded this story is completely false.

Not only that, but why would the responsibility for balancing the family checkbook fall to Middleton? There’s a whole fleet of financial managers who work for the government and monarchy to keep the complex finances in line. Markle isn’t ruining her niece and nephews’ financial futures by dressing like a princess. That is utterly preposterous.

Thief-Markle Stories Are Common

This isn’t the first time Markle has been blamed for lost money. She was the queen’s top suspect for a jewel heist in 1995, when Markle was a child, according to one bogus article busted by Gossip Cop. She apparently stole $10 million in Princess Diana’s jewelry. Recently she was accused straight up extorting the royal family for $90 million in hush money under threat of a tell-all documentary about the Princess of Wales. None of these stories were true or fair to the duchess and only underscore the utter contempt tabloids hold for Meghan Markle.

Other Bogus Royal Tall Tales From This Tabloid

When it’s not blaming Markle for coronavirus-related losses, Woman’s Day can be found claiming Prince Harry is preparing to rejoin the military if his marriage fails. It claimed the Sussexes were the new rulers of Barbados, and that Prince William and Middleton had landed in LA to confront their State-side siblings. This tabloid never seems to offer any legitimate evidence to back up its wild claims. Markle is not the reason for a dip in tourism, nor the drop in revenue caused by it.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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