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Here’s a conundrum: how can someone ruin a wedding they didn’t attend? One is forced to ponder this after the recent tabloid report that Meghan Markle, from over 5000 miles away, has ruined the wedding of Princess Beatrice. Tabloids have treated Markle horribly since she joined the royal family. This story is just more cruelty directed at the Duchess of Sussex. Gossip Cop can say definitely there is no proof to this story.

The latest attempt to disparage the Suits star comes from Woman’s Day whose cover story says “Meghan ruins royal wedding! Beatrice flees reception dinner in tears.” Despite never airing any public ill will toward any member of the royal family, Markle saw fit to start “badmouthing her dress and tiara”, calling it “the least bridal-looking gown she’d ever seen.” Apparently the kind and perfect bride and groom sent over photographs from the wedding to Prince Harry and Markle, where Markle then proceeded to willfully hurt the bride on her wedding day.

The tabloid is purposefully using the dress, which was chosen to mimic a dress and tiara the queen has used, to stoke anger in readers. The tabloid wants to make Markle out to not just be “jealous” but also ignorant toward the royal families history. Nothing in this story is at all true. Princess Beatrice did not leave in tears, the photograph provided in the article of a woman running up some red carpet steps presumably in tears is not of Princess Beatrice on her wedding day and was chosen to be deliberately misleading.

Markle and Prince Harry obviously could not attend the intimate 20-person ceremony due to travel bans and COVID-19 concerns. People, a far more reliable source than this tabloid, reported no evil wedding dress criticism. Instead, it confirmed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “privately congratulated Beatrice and Edoardo.” You know, like a normal cousin would.

This tabloid has no insight into Princess Beatrice either. Earlier this month it reported that Prince Charles wanted to kick her and her sister Princess Eugenie out of the royal family in some effort to save money and shore up the line of succession. Nope, that was completely erroneous, as evidenced by the queen herself appearing in photos from Princess Beatrice’s wedding.

Woman’s Day, like just about every tabloid magazine, has a wretched history when it comes to Markle. This magazine longs to make Markle into a vengeful and jealous woman who has ripped the perfect Prince Harry from the perfect royal family. Just last week Gossip Cop busted its story that Markle was going to keep her unborn second away from England and away from Kate Middleton specifically. Markle hasn’t even confirmed any pregnancy, let alone made it clear she won’t allow her sister-in-law to hold the baby.

This is the same tabloid who made-up Markle’s “toxic diary” in an attempt to plot Middleton and Markle against each other. We’ve pointed out on more than one occasion that there is no dramatic tension between Middleton and Markle. It seems the tabloids are moving on from Middleton to invent conflict between Markle and Princess Beatrice. There’s no element of truth in this cruel and vindictive tabloid.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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