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Meghan Markle celebrated her 39th birthday earlier this month with well wishes from Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and Prince William and Kate Middleton. According to a new report, the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry didn’t respond and once again “snubbed” the rest of the royal family. Gossip Cop has looked into the accuracy of the article and here’s what we’ve found.

A new article in the National Enquirer states that the queen demanded that a post be made on the Firm’s official Instagram account and that she ordered her oldest grandson, Prince William, to do the same. Prince William complied with her wishes, but according to the magazine’s royal insider, he wasn’t happy about it.

Prince William Is Unhappy About A New Book

According to the outlet’s source, Prince William is “seething about the petty details of their feud being revealed” in the pages of a recently released book, Finding Freedom, that's about the relationship between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from their first dates, through their wedding, having their son, Archie, and the decision they made earlier this year to step down as senior members of the royal family.

The palace insider admits that the only reason Prince William wished Markle a happy birthday was because he was ordered to. “William will always do what the queen wants, his diplomacy is one of his strengths so of course he made sure to publicly wish Meghan well on her birthday.”

The Duke And Duchess Were Ungrateful For The Well-Wishes

Another palace source tells the paper that Prince Harry didn’t call or text his father, Prince Charles, nor Queen Elizabeth. “Harry could have phoned his grandmother to say thank you or express some sort of gratitude, or even texted his father, Prince Charles. But it never happened.” According to the Enquirer, this is because Meghan was busy bossing Prince Harry around and acting like a diva. While the royal family refused to comment on the story, Gossip Cop is confident we can debunk it.

The Whole Story Is Nonsense, As One Bogus Line Proves

It comes late in the story, while the unreliable tabloid is busy taking down Markle — as it often does — the story claims to know the inside scoop from “sources” about how the duke and duchess spent her birthday. “Royal renegade Harry showered the former Suits actress with designer clothes, pricey jewelry and even hired an A-list chef to prepare a romantic meal at their borrowed Beverly Hills mansion”

It’s right there that Gossip Cop knew the tabloid was quoting unreliable and possibly fake “sources.” Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are no longer living in Tyler Perry’s house in Beverly Hills and haven’t been since early July. That means they moved out well before Markle’s birthday, Obviously, these “insiders” had absolutely no insight to the couple’s lives, as what they’ve said happened could not have actually happened. These so-called “insiders” can’t be trusted.

This kind of story is, sadly, par for the course for this publication. Unsurprisingly, the outlet makes no mention of its bogus claim we debunked last week that asserted Queen Elizabeth had banned Meghan Markle from the family. Of course, Gossip Cop simply pointed to the birthday posts to prove that the allegation was false. Now the tabloid is trying to pull a switcheroo and cover its tracks. Well, it’s not going to work on us.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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