Meghan Markle “98 Pounds & Pregnant”?

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Meghan Markle Pregnant 98 Pounds

By Shari Weiss |

Meghan Markle Pregnant 98 Pounds


Meghan Markle is “98 pounds and pregnant,” according to a wrong tabloid cover story. This report was designed to make readers think both the Duchess of Sussex and her alleged baby are “in danger,” but none of it is true. Gossip Cop can bust the allegations.

In a purported “world exclusive,” the Globe declares, “It’s official! Prince Harry’s beautiful bride, Meghan, is pregnant!” For the record, there’s nothing “official” about this contention. To make matters worse, the magazine then asserts, “But their baby joy is threatened as the scary-skinny mom-to-be wastes away under the stress of royal life.” A so-called “worried palace insider” is quoted as saying, “Meghan is skeletal. She can’t be more than 98 pounds.”

Of course, if this “palace insider” was actually concerned for Markle’s well-being, he or she wouldn’t be discussing such private matters with a gossip outlet. This questionable source maintains the supposed news that Markle is expecting has “turned into a nightmare,” because she “seems to be shrinking in size.” The alleged tipster dramatically claims, “We’re terrified for her — and the baby… She’s pin-thin like someone who’s starving herself, which is no good for her or the child.”

To substantiate this narrative, the publication cites a Colorado-based OB-GYN who has never met, let alone treated, Markle. The doctor shares commonly known information, such as noting that “the more underweight you are” during pregnancy, “the more risk there is.” But that’s not proof that Markle is pregnant, nor that she’s actually having health problems. The most evidence the tabloid can offer is recent photos of the duchess, which are used to claim Markle has a “bony body,” but also the “hint of a blossoming figure.” That’s not proof of a pregnancy or a medical crisis, either.

And it seems the magazine is trying to follow in the footsteps of its sister outlets, but with a more outrageous twist. The National Enquirer first alleged Markle is pregnant with twins in late May, and then OK! did its own Markle twins cover story in June. Most recently, a few days ago, their newest sister publication, In Touch, concocted a cover story about Markle and Kate Middleton both being pregnant. Here, the Globe has dropped the twins and Middleton components, but added in this “98 pounds angle.”

None of these versions, however, is true. Gossip Cop has already explained that if she was actually expecting, Markle wouldn’t be headed to Fiji and Tonga this fall, which she is scheduled to do, as both areas pose health risks for pregnant women due to the Zika virus. Additionally, Markle indulged in a beer in Dublin this week, which would be a huge no-no if she was pregnant. Obviously, she is not.

What is also telling is that the Globe makes no mention of Prince Harry having a “love child,” which is what it claimed back in March. One would think that would be relevant information to include in a new story about the Duke of Sussex and his wife expecting a child of their own. But the absence of it underscores how bogus both reports are.


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