Meghan Markle has NOT been "caught" in a scandal related to Nazis and Satanism, despite an outrageous report. Gossip Cop can expose the truth about this shameful story.

The ridiculously sensational article comes from RadarOnline, which is blaring on Thursday, "Heil, No! Meghan Markle CAUGHT In Nazi & Satanism Scandal." The webloid asserts, "Future princess Meghan Markle is hiding a shocking family secret from the royal family: Her niece is a twisted Satanist and Nazi sympathizer who even changed her name to Hitler!" Markle, at this point, is not a "future princess," but that's the least of the issues here.

The story is about the teenaged daughter of Markle's half-sister, whom RadarOnline maintains has an obsession with Nazism and the devil. Markle, however, has nothing to do with her half-sister's family. Yet the site still quotes a so-called "royal source" as saying, "This could be the breaking point for Harry. There's absolutely no way he can associate himself with Meghan's family after this."

The outlet's supposed source further declares, "It's extremely troubling and puts their whole relationship in jeopardy!" No, what's troubling is that RadarOnline is writing about the private exploits, no matter how objectionable, of a teen just to stir up controversy related to Markle. It's a disturbing ploy for traffic, and a disingenuous one at that.

"Radar's exclusive will leave Buckingham Palace in a tailspin," boasts the online publication. But there's no reason why it should. Not only does the Palace have its own sordid history (including Prince Harry's actual Nazi scandal in 2005), but Markle hasn't actually been "caught" in anything because she has no relationship with this relative. In fact, Gossip Cop has exclusively learned that the "Suits" star only met this distant niece once a number of years ago.

To suggest there will be any impact on Markle's relationship with Prince Harry is hogwash. It's worth nothing RadarOnline has gone down this path before, just days ago. Earlier this week, the outlet similarly claimed Blake Shelton was hiding dark "family secrets" from Gwen Stefani that could ruin their relationship. As Gossip Cop reported, however, those "secrets" were years-old issues that had nothing to do with him personally and certainly nothing to do with his romance.

In both cases, the disreputable publication has taken tangential incidents and packaged them into would-be celebrity scandals. This instance is arguably even more shameful because it involves a teen whose only connection to public fame is a pseudo-aunt she met a single time. The webloid regularly crafts and manufactures fake news, but this piece is particularly disgusting.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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