Is Meghan Markle furious over Prince Harry’s secret Facebook account? That’s the latest ridiculous Sussex rumor being pushed in the tabloids week. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

Recently, the British publication the Daily Mirror reported that Prince Harry used to have a private Facebook account under the name Spike Wells, the profile picture of which included his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy. Inspired by this news, Woman’s Day has published a new article claiming that Meghan Markle isn’t happy with the news. “Chelsy is the one woman who Meghan keeps an eye on – she knows Chelsy is one who got away for Harry and that they’re still in touch,” says an unnamed “source.”

The suspicious source goes on to say that Markle continues to harbor jealousies over Davy, who attended her and Prince Harry’s wedding. “Meghan has always feared that given the chance, Harry would have picked Chelsy over her, and the news of this secret account has sent her head spinning,” the source finishes. “She’s wondering if he still has any secret Instagram or Facebook accounts, and whether he uses them to chat with Chelsy.”

Looking into this story, Gossip Cop has determined it to be made up. As reported in that Mirror article, Prince Harry had deleted the account by 2012, four years before he began dating Markle. No matter how Markle feels about her husband’s past relationship with Davy, there’s no reason to think she’d get angry over a long-gone social media account.

Additionally, Markle appears to be on perfectly good terms with Davy. At the royal wedding reception two years ago, the new Duchess of Sussex reportedly greeted Davy with a hug when she saw her. Apparently, this was considered a “break with royal etiquette” as Davy would have been expected to curtsey for her – because when it’s Meghan Markle, even a friendly hug is apparently bad.

Gossip Cop also like to note that just yesterday ET Online, a far more trustworthy source for information than Woman’s Day, reported that Markle and Prince Harry’s relationship was in a very good place. That outlet’s source said the couple were “stronger than ever” even amid the chaos and stress of the past few months and were “relieved to have less pressures and commitments.” It doesn’t seem like Markle’s too bothered by her husband’s past relationships or social media activity.

Not that Woman’s Day has ever shown any interest in getting the facts right about the Duchess of Sussex. In May, the tabloid insisted that Markle had “snapped” over her son Archie’s first birthday, allegedly because no one was paying attention to her family. “Meghan was looking forward to throwing the party of the century,” said the outlet’s spiteful source, “and now she feels like the chance has been ripped away.” The story was obviously bogus: as Gossip Cop noted, the article was published three days before Archie’s actual birthday.

Just a couple days ago, Gossip Cop shut down another theory from the tabloid that Markle had kept a scathing diary about Kate Middleton and possibly planted an insulting story about her in the magazine Tatler. Honestly, that story had so much ridiculous nonsense that we simply don’t have the room to get into it here. Go read it for yourself and see just how absurd this tabloid can get when it comes to Meghan Markle.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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