Meghan Linsey And Paul Pfau Voice Battle Video: Powerful Duet Leads To 3-Way Steal

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Meghan Linsey Voice Battle Video

By Shari Weiss |

Meghan Linsey Voice Battle Video


“The Voice” on Tuesday featured another epic steal after the coaches were blown away by the battle between Meghan Linsey and Paul Pfau. Watch below!

The contestants were pitted against each other by their coach Pharrell, and tasked with performing “Don’t Let Me Down.” Pharrell explained, “I felt like it was the 50-yard line between both of their ambitions. This is a classic song, and a lot of people know it, but they have to make it their own.” Linsey, who once performed for Blake Shelton, and Pfau, who previously met Adam Levine, brought both powerful vocals and powerful emotion when it came time for the performance.

Levine joined Pharrell in a standing ovation afterward, and Shelton clapped wildly. And Levine and Shelton made no secret of their desire to steal one of the artists before Pharrell could even weigh in. He ultimately named Pfau the winner, and Shelton and Levine quickly went to steal Linsey. The excitement only increased when Christina Aguilera then hit her button as well.

Aguilera explained, “I was like, why am I not in this mix? I turned around for you in the blinds and I may not have a chance, because I know you have history with this one over here [motioning to Shelton], but I had to get a female perspective here.” Shelton then said he had three points to his pitch. “My history on the show, our history as friends, and,” he amusingly continued, “when people look back at the most epic fails of all time, Adam Levine’s name will rank when he had three out of the four contestants in the [last season] finale of ‘The Voice’ and managed to screw the pooch in such an epic way.”

Levine was quick to point out, however, that during Linsey’s blind audition, Shelton didn’t even turn around for her. The Maroon 5 front man told the aspiring singer, “I just think from the beginning of this thing, I wanted you more than he has, and I think you should think about that when making your decision.” Well, if Linsey thought about it, it didn’t sway her decision. She chose to join Shelton’s team! Check out the videos below!


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