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Could Megan Fox just be using Machine Gun Kelly as a bit of temporary fun before her inevitable reunion with Brian Austin Green? That's one report says, claiming that friends of the actress are beyond skeptical of her relationship with the rapper. Here's what we know.

The End Is Near For MGK And Megan Fox?

OK! questioned whether or not Fox and MGK were "doomed from the start" in one of its issues. While it notes that "they may be smitten now," some "friends" believe that the two's fast-moving relationship "is going to crash and burn." According to the unnamed pals, Fox is more likely than not to move on from the rapper-turned-pop-punker despite his hardcore dedication to her. One of the snitches explains,

He's with her 24/7 — and while Megan enjoys being worshipped, it's only a matter of time before she gets bored and moves on.

They then call Megan Fox an "impulsive" woman and predict that she'll be back with her soon-to-be ex-husband Brian Austin Green, especially given the fact that they've reunited before. Aside from their three songs, the former couple shares a history of getting back together.

Fox and Green were originally engaged in 2006, but called it off three years later. The following year, they got re-engaged and wed, only for Fox to file for divorce in 2015. They reconciled again the following year, and Fox revoked the divorce filings in 2019. "For all their ups and downs, Brian's the only person who understands her," the loose-lipped friend concludes. "A lot of people are convinced they'll get back together, but in the meantime, Megan's having fun and telling people to mind their own business."

She's Pretty Dedicated For A 'Fake' Girlfriend

What's frankly bizarre about this supposedly "insider" report is how much emphasis it places on Fox's history with while ignoring her time with Machine Gun Kelly. She went out of her way to promote his new album, and they've been nothing but sweet on social media. This article originally appeared in an issue from weeks ago, and Fox and MGK have been dating for somewhere around four months. When is she going to "get bored" again? You'd think that if the tabloid was really talking to her friends, they'd at least know how long she tends to have these apparently insincere relationships.

No legitimate outlets have indicated that there's any sort of flimsiness to her relationship with the rapper. In reality, Fox doesn't seem to think of the situation as just some fun — otherwise, why would she introduce MGK to her kids? This narrative about Fox and Green getting back together has been at the forefront of the Fox-related gossip since the two first announced their separation earlier this year. Months have come and gone, and although the rumors haven't slowed, they've begun to look beyond dumb.

There's A Lot Of Bad Gossip About Megan Fox

Besides, using past reunions as proof that her current relationship is doomed is absolutely silly. Chris Evans and Jenny Slate broke up, reunited, and broke up again, and there's no sign of them getting back together. Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler had an infamously on-again off-again relationship, but no one's talking about their inevitable reunion. Yeah, sometimes people need time apart, but sometimes two people just can't make it work. It's not healthy for anyone to argue about how someone needs to be in a relationship that clearly ended for meaningful reasons.

OK! has proven time and time again to be out of the loop when it comes to celebrity romance. Aside from publishing other outrageous reunion rumors about stars like Jim Carrey and Renee Zellweger or Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson, the magazine's own insiders seemed to think that Fox was extremely serious about her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly in another one of their issues. In fact, they were certain that Fox was planning for a wedding and babies with the musician, which is a far cry from boredom-inducing fling described in this article.

No, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly aren't just a temporary fling, and they're not planning out their future family tree, either. They've obviously very, very happy, and it's just as obvious that OK! doesn't know what it's talking about when it comes to the couple.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop can’t say for sure, but this is most likely false, given the evidence.


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