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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly made their fast-moving relationship Instagram official, but rumor has it that the couple isn’t as solid as it might seem. Fox starred in the music video for “Bloody Valentine,” a single off of MGK’s upcoming album Tickets to My Downfall, and two months later, they were a couple. However, some say that it won’t be long before it’s over.

Calling it a "super-hot romance," the National Enquirer says that friends of the couple don't expect the relationship to last long. According to the outlet's sources, it's the brash rapper that may be in over his head. "Right now, their chemistry is sizzling. But he's also turned into Megan's personal gofer, and the people in his life find it pathetic," one of those unnamed insiders reports. "Megan's enjoying being worshipped. But other than the obvious physical attraction, they have little in common."

From there, the outlet points to Brian Austin Green, Fox's soon-to-be ex-husband, and his new musical romantic interest, Courtney Stodden. However, while the magazine does acknowledge that it looks like Green's moved on, it says that its sources reject any notion of him coming to terms with the split.

"Megan and Brian have a history and kids that will always connect them," another tipster says. "She just happened to fall in love with Machine Gun Kelly after appearing in his music video 'Bloody Valentine.' A lot of people on both sides believe it's doomed to fail, especially since Megan always runs back to Brian."

Here’s the big question we have about this rumor: Who’s running this apparent survey of all the friends of Machine Gun Kelly, Megan Fox, and Brian Austin Green? A close second for the most baffling part of this article is the question of what exactly is the problem here?

If, for some reason, we wanted to believe these anonymous sources, we can gather that 1) some people that the rapper knows don’t like that he does things for his new girlfriend 2) Fox is “in love” with MGK 3) Fox has kids and 4) the two don’t have a lot in common. Absolutely none of that points to a doomed relationship.

If Machine Gun Kelly doesn’t have a problem running errands for Fox — and if neither of the two massively popular stars have assistants, which is a baffling idea — what’s the problem? The issue is with “people in his life,” not the relationship. And unless the tabloid can point out what exactly the two don’t have in common, it’s a useless observation. Plenty of couples seem unlikely from an outside perspective, but it’s what happens in the relationship that counts. Considering that the sources say he’s been taking care of Fox, this article seems to be arguing against its own headline.

In an interview a month ago, the rapper was extremely bashful and couldn’t stop grinning when he mentioned Fox, and he seemed to imply that they were already familiar prior to the video shoot. "I was playing Megan a lot of the Tickets to My Downfall songs, and I had made the call like the day before the video and was like, 'Can you come over?'" Either way, it’s obvious that the two obviously share some sort of shared artistic passion.

Plus, it’s worth thinking about MGK’s Insta-official post. He simply captioned the sweet snap with, “waited for eternity to find you again.”

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waited for eternity to find you again ... ??????????????

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And it’s barely worth addressing, but co-parenting with an ex is a pretty regular thing in real life, and in the entertainment world, it’s effectively a staple of nearly every star in their 30s. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman adopted two kids in their relationship, so where’s that reunion? While Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green may have had some troubles in the past, they made it clear that this was the end of their marriage. If an outlet has to ignore a celebrity’s own words to make its story seem true, then it’s not worth reading.

Of course, we already knew that about the Enquirer. The publication has wrongly predicted Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's divorce for years, and it incorrectly reported on Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's kid situation just today — and there's no hint this latest piece on the new couple is any different. While the Enquirer may harp on the fact that Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox don't have a lot in common, we can safely say this gossip has little in common with reality.

Our Verdict

The anonymous sources' comments don't add up, and while relationships can end at any time, this rumor has no basis at this time.


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