Meg Ryan “Nightmare” At ‘Late Late Show’?

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Meg Ryan Late Late Show

By Shari Weiss |

Meg Ryan Late Late Show


Was Meg Ryan a “nightmare” at “The Late Late Show”? That’s the claim coming from one of the tabloids. Gossip Cop looked into the allegation.

According to Star, Ryan “sounded like the America’s Sweetheart fans know and love during her Sept. 11 appearance on James Corden’s ‘The Late Late Show,’ but behind the scenes, on-set sources say she was a nightmare.” A so-called “informant” is quoted as telling the magazine, “Nothing was good enough, she whined constantly.”

“Someone asked her how the ride was and she went on a rant about the type of car that picked her up,” claims the outlet’s supposed spy. “Then she started crabbing about how her dressing room was too small and had bad lighting — it was one thing after another.”

The magazine goes on to note, “Luckily, when the cameras started rolling she managed to turn on the charm.” The “witness” even says, “Suddenly she was sweet as pie.” That leads Star to snark, “Maybe she’s a better actress than anyone thought…”

But the publication has been pushing an anti-Ryan narrative for some time now. It was just over a year ago that Star ran a false cover story meanly calling Ryan “broke and dumped.” Then last July, it was wrongly said Ryan was in a “health crisis” and nearing a meltdown.

The reporting has been cruel and inaccurate, and this is no different. When Gossip Cop investigated these new claims of Ryan being a “nightmare” backstage at “The Late Late Show,” we learned the opposite was true. “She was thrilled with everything about the show, including their beautiful and spacious dressing rooms, the staff and producers,” we’re exclusively told by a contact who was at the taping.

Adds our impeccable insider, “She had a wonderful time and James couldn’t have been nicer to her.” Star should start being nicer, too.


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