Truth About Meg Ryan, John Mellencamp Splitting

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Meg Ryan on the left, John Mellencamp on the left.

By Hugh Scott |

Meg Ryan on the left, John Mellencamp on the left.

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Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp have been engaged for almost a year, but a false report in the tabloids this week is claiming the couple has split. Gossip Cop investigated the story and we can bust it. The couple is still very much together.

The National Enquirer and its sister online publication, RadarOnline, are running nearly identical stories alleging the longtime couple has broken up, citing numerous untrue reasons why it supposedly happened. The couple first started dating in 2010, but split five years later and then reunited in 2017. The actress and the musician got engaged late last year, but according to both outlets, the engagement is off after a “massive blowout” fight that ended with Ryan telling Mellencamp to “hit the highway.”

These reports, however, are based on the old reasons why Ryan and Mellencamp first broke up in 2015. At the time, the couple explained that distance was the primary reason for the split. Ryan lives in New York while Mellencamp lives in a small town in Indiana, outside Bloomington. The couple has obviously overcome that obstacle in recent years, and it’s unlikely Mellencamp would have proposed had they not worked out the distance issue, yet according to the bogus stories, that was part of the problem.

Both articles get far more vicious from there. Both falsely accuse Mellencamp of being “freaked out” by Ryan’s plastic surgery and being upset by the actress’s “anorexic appearance.” The articles even claim Mellencamp “demanded” that Ryan gain weight. Both stories also allege that Ryan didn’t like Mellencamp’s “shabby” appearance and bought him a new wardrobe. It’s absurd to think it took nine years for all of these silly superficial problems to surface. Regardless a spokesperson for Mellencamp denies that the couple has broken up. Ryan even recently told People magazine that “this engagement thing is a state of grace.”

This is not the first time both the Enquirer and RadarOnline have run the same, false story about the couple. In June 2018, both outlets published almost identical articles alleging Tom Hanks would be walking Ryan down the aisle at her wedding to Mellencamp. There were numerous problems with that story, as Gossip Cop pointed out when we debunked it at time. Most notably, there was no wedding being planned, despite the outlets claiming it was happening that fall. The couple wasn’t even engaged at the time those reports emerged. Neither tabloid has any clue as to what’s going on with the couple.


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