Meg Ryan NOT In “Anorexia Horror,” Despite Report

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Meg Ryan Anorexia

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Meg Ryan Anorexia

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Meg Ryan is not in an “anorexia horror,” contrary to an alarming tabloid report. Fortunately, Gossip Cop can bust this story. A rep for the actress confirms she is in good health.

But the National Enquirer, full of fake concern, contends in its new issue, “Rail-thin Meg Ryan is battling an anorexia nightmare.” A so-called “longtime friend” is quoted as saying, “If Meg doesn’t have a full-blown eating disorder, she’s certainly on the verge of it.” And a purported “insider” supposedly tells the supermarket tabloid, “Meg’s obsessed with looking like she did when she was a starlet. First, it was endless cosmetic procedures, and now she’s starving herself!”

As evidence that Ryan has “wasted away to 93 pounds and her clothes are hanging off her bony body,” the gossip magazine points to “startling new images” of the movie star, in which she’s described as looking “listless” and “gaunt.” And because one of the paparazzi photos shows Ryan leaning on John Mellencamp, the outlet sensationally asserts she “appeared to collapse in a nearly lifeless heap on his shoulder.” What’s more is that the publication claims a “key reason” the couple got back together was “so John could help Meg overcome her eating and self-esteem issues.”

“John realized he loved Meg and what the split had done to her. He wanted to make things right and help her get healthy again,” a supposed “source” alleges to the tabloid. The magazine closes out its story by referring to a doctor who has never met, let alone treated, Ryan. This “nutrition expert” concludes based on photos alone that Ryan could end up with “potentially fatal heart rhythm disturbances.” It all sounds very scary. But Gossip Cop has heard this before.

More than a year ago, we busted the National Enquirer’s sister outlet, Star, for wrongly claiming in a cover story that Ryan was in a “health crisis.” That article, too, made hay of her size, and the actress’ rep told Gossip Cop the claims were “all a bunch of fabricated crap.” Now with this new anorexia tale, the spokesperson points out, “She has always been thin and small-framed her entire life.” The rep also point-blank states, “Meg is not anorexic.” The real “horror” here is that a tabloid would spin such an angle.