Meek Mill Did NOT Post “Naked” Photo Of Nicki Minaj, Despite Report

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Meek Mill Naked Photo Nicki Minaj

By Shari Weiss |

Meek Mill Naked Photo Nicki Minaj

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Meek Mill did NOT post a “naked” photo of Nicki Minaj on Instagram, despite a sensational report. Gossip Cop can expose the truth.

On Monday, MediaTakeOUT is blaring on its website, “MTO BREAKING NEWS: Meek Mill LEAKS Nekkid Pic Of NICKI MINAJ… Wow Why Is He EXPOSING HER LIKE THAT???” But why isn’t this naked picture blowing up the Internet? Well, it doesn’t really exist. After clicking onto that salacious headline, readers find out what’s really going on: Mill posted a snapshot of a woman’s butt and back clad in lingerie.

Is she naked? No. Is there proof that it’s actually Minaj? Nope. In other words, the headline is a complete lie. In fact, MediaFakeOut even acknowledges in its story that the woman, whom the site just assumes is Minaj, is only “nearly nekkid.” Of course, that’s not what the outlet’s deceptive headline says.

And now the bad blog’s own readers are calling out this misleading story. “Nothing to see here… She’s more naked on stage,” wrote one commenter, while another similarly said, “NAKED by definition is WITHOUT ANY CLOTHING! I guess in M.T.O. ghetto logic ‘NEKKID’ is defined as Any article of revealing clothing AND BAIT CLICK!”

A different individual also argued, “Who to say this is Nikki with out seeing her face.” All MTO has is an alleged screengrab supposedly from Mill’s Instagram account, showing part of an unidentified woman wearing lingerie. So in no way, shape or form did Mill actually post a “naked” picture of Minaj. But as Gossip Cop has repeatedly pointed out, MediaTakeOut traffics in fake news, not the truth.

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Meek Mill posted a naked picture of Nicki Minaj on Instagram.


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