MediaTakeOut Still Posting Lies About Kim Kardashian

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MediaTakeOut Lies Kim Kardashian

By Shari Weiss |

MediaTakeOut Lies Kim Kardashian

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MediaTakeOut is still posting lies about Kim Kardashian, despite recently settling a lawsuit with the reality star. Gossip Cop can reveal what’s going on.

As Gossip Cop has reported, MediaTakeOut falsely claimed last month that Kardashian “staged” her Paris robbery. She sued the webloid for defamation, leading to an out-of-court settlement in which MediaTakeOut issued a retraction and apologized for its untrue stories. Yet here we are now, just over a week later, and the site is already back to spreading lies.

A headline posted on the bad blog on Tuesday reads, “We’re Not Trying To Get IN TROUBLE… But Look What In Touch Is Saying… Happened To KIM KARDASHIAN And KANYE… ALLEGEDLY!!!” The article states, “Y’all already know we don’t want NO SMOKE with the Kardashians over this. But we just felt it was our OBLIGATION to tell you what other folks are saying is going down. Believe it if you dare…”

Accompanying the text is the cover of last week’s In Touch, which Gossip Cop exclusively busted for wrongly alleging West dumped Kardashian in the wake of the robbery. Gossip Cop isn’t sure why MediaFakeOut feels it’s an “obligation” to share a tabloid lie, especially when said lie was already debunked days ago. Foolishly, the site is just asking for more trouble, and we’re not afraid to call them out for it.

It’s also worth noting that, as short as MTO’s story was, the pathetic outlet couldn’t even get the details right. Although it’s the cover of In Touch that’s clearly featured, the URL reads, “not-trying-get-sued-look-us-weekly-saying-happened-kim-Kardashian.” The headline above the site, in the browser heading, also states, “Look What US WEEKLY Is Saying… Happened To KIM KARDASHIAN And KANYE.”

But regardless of whether the untrue source material is In Touch or Us Weekly, MediaTakeOut better hope it doesn’t get sued… again. See screengrabs of the embarrassing headlines below.

Kim Kardashian MediaTakeOut Headlines


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