MediaTakeOut “Jay Z-Beyonce Twins Update” Is Fake News

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MediaTakeOut Beyonce Twins Update

By Shari Weiss |

MediaTakeOut Beyonce Twins Update

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Those looking for news on Jay Z and Beyonce’s twins should not look to MediaTakeOut, which is trying to dupe readers with fake news. Gossip Cop can explain what’s going on.

As Gossip Cop reported, it was revealed on Saturday night that Beyonce gave birth. She and the babies remain in a Los Angeles hospital. Neither superstar has commented on the arrival of the newborns. So now MTO is grasping at straws.

On Monday, the site is announcing an “update,” even though it really doesn’t have any updated information at all. The dramatic headline states, “Jay Z-Beyonce Twins UPDATE… Jay Z’s Mother Is Spotted Outside The HOSPITAL… She Looks Like She’s ARGUING With Someone!!! (We Hope Everything Is OK.)” The article features three grainy paparzzi pictures of Jay Z’s mom making hand gestures in what appears to be a parking lot.

It’s not known to whom she’s gesticulating. It’s not known to whom she may be talking. And it’s not known about what she may be talking. MediaFakeOut has zero insight, so the text accompanying the photos basically just repeats the headline. “New Pics were just released, that show Jay Z’s other Gloria – and she appears to be arguing with someone,” the site writes.

That’s the “update,” which, obviously, isn’t an “update” at all. The webloid has no idea what was or wasn’t going on at the time the snapshots were taken. The bad blog just wanted to lure in readers and get them to click on the story. But there’s no real news in the article. Many of the outlet’s own commenters pointed that out, with one even calling it a “BS story.”

Of course, “BS” seems to be MediaFakeOut’s specialty. The site falsely reported the twins’ arrival not once, but twice before they were actually born. In early May, MTO used paparazzi photos to speculate Beyonce had given birth, because she supposedly “barely looked pregnant.” In actuality, she was wearing a loose-fitting shirt that, combined with the camera angle, hid her rather large stomach.

Then, less than two weeks later, the site had a purported “exclusive,” in which it was falsely claimed Beyonce “just gave birth.” In actuality, she was celebrating her baby shower and still very much pregnant. That untrue delivery tale was published the weekend of May 20. Now here we are a month later, and Beyonce only had her babies, for real, a few days ago. And the webloid STILL has no idea what’s going on. There’s no “Jay Z-Beyonce Twins UPDATE.” There’s only a combination of empty speculation and outright lies.

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