MediaTakeOut Apologizes To Kim Kardashian For “Staged” Robbery Claims

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MediaTakeOut Apologizes Kim Kardashian

By Shari Weiss |

MediaTakeOut Apologizes Kim Kardashian

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MediaTakeOut is apologizing to Kim Kardashian for falsely claiming she “staged” the Paris robbery. The apology comes three days days after she filed a lawsuit against the webloid.

As Gossip Cop reported, Kardashian sued MediaTakeOut over three stories that wrongly accused her of faking the robbery. The posts put forth unsubstantiated claims about French authorities supposedly doubting the reality star’s story, and further alleged it may have all been a hoax as part of an insurance scam. When the site pulled down the stories but did not issue a retraction or apology as Kardashian demanded, she filed suit in federal court on Tuesday.

But now on Friday, the outlet is giving in, although still trying to capitalize on the situation. On Friday, a new story was published with the headline, “MTO EXCLUSIVE REPORT: We Have An UPDATE On The Kim Kardashian ROBBERY — And You Are Gonna Want To READ THIS!!!” The accompanying article, though, is more of a bait-and-switch, as it’s actually MediaFakeOut just admitting its claims were wrong.

“Ten days ago a group of masked, armed men broke into Kim Kardashian’s Paris hotel room, bound and gagged her and stole millions worth of jewelry, including a $4.5 million diamond ring given to her by husband Kanye West,” states the site, noting, “We were one of those news agencies who questioned what may have truly taken place.”

The webloid insists, “But now after speaking to sources, including some connected to the Kardashians, and getting further details on the sequence of events — we are now confident and without a doubt believe that Kim Kardashian was robbed as was reported to the Paris police. Anyone who is still questioning it, is wrong.”

The outlet then goes on to actually refute several of the reasons it had originally thought the robbery was “staged.” Following the lengthy explanation, MTO says, “We can understand how reports questioning if the robbery in fact took place can be hurtful, and so we apologize. No one deserves to go through such a traumatic experience. Kim is not just celebrity, she is a person, a wife and a mother — who in no way deserved what happened to her.”

“We wish her the best as she emotionally recovers from the traumatic incident,” ads the webloid. Gossip Cop has reached out to Kardashian’s lawyer, Marty Singer, to find out if she’s still proceeding with the lawsuit or if it will be dropped, give the apology.

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