Mayim Bialik: “We Weren’t Ready” For A Woman President – Watch ‘The View’ Video

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Mayim Bialik The View Video

By Shari Weiss |

Mayim Bialik The View Video


Mayim Bialik said on Wednesday’s “The View” that Hillary Clinton lost the election because America wasn’t “ready” for a woman president. Watch the video below.

Though Bialik was on the ABC talk show to promote her new book, the co-hosts immediately brought up politics, noting she’s a Clinton supporter. “I’m a bleeding heart liberal in general,” the actress said, also calling herself a “second-wave feminist.” Asked if she agreed with Clinton’s recent assessment that she lost the presidential election due to James Comey and misogyny, Bialik cracked, “Starting out with the easy questions?”

Choosing her words carefully, “The Big Bang Theory” star said, “I think a lot of things don’t make sense to me that have happened in a lot of different ways.” To Bialik, the issue wasn’t Clinton as a candidate, but a female contender in general. She went on to state point-blank, “I think it’s absolutely true in a lot ways that our country was not ready. I don’t think it was that we just weren’t ready for her. I think we weren’t ready for a woman. And I hope to see the day we are ready, but I absolutely felt like we clearly were not ready.”

“I think some reasons are misogynistic, and some reasons are not, but I do think that’s something important to address,” Bialik added about the election’s outcome. The former child star was then asked about Donald Trump firing Comey, prompting her to quip, “Second easy question of the morning!” She went on to say, “I’ve been living in a somewhat alternate reality since January 20, so this is all consistent with the alternate reality. Nothing makes sense anyway.”

Bialik further said of Trump’s actions, “It absolutely frightens me. It tends to frighten most of us.” Check out the full interview below.

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